3-Page Previews: Caffeine Dreams 01 from DWAP Productions

Caffeine Dreams 01, originally released in 2006 was the first book to be published by DWAP Productions. It’s an anthology featuring 5 different creators. The first story, Big Ships is a modern take on the classic 40s sci-fi genre. The second story, On Becoming a Monster: Reunion tells a story about demons and angels coming together and facing off with vampires in-between. The third story, Monarch Kingdom is a twisted tale of coming to grip with love and friendship.

written by dale wilson and Mark Allyn Stewart
art by Todd “Brocasso” Harris, Christopher Sagovac, Nick Kunin and Astra Price
32 pages, b/w inside w/ color cover

Caffeine Dreams 01 was the first full length comic book that DWAP Productions published and it was nothing but a blast.  We learned so much from working on this book; we were so conscious of graphic design on all levels and I think that it shows.  Caffeine Dreams is a four issue anthology with at least 3 short stories in each issue – a little bit of science fiction, horror and fantasy in each book.

Caffeine Dreams 01:  Big-Ships

Caffeine Dreams 01: Big-Ships

Big Ships was the first comic book story that I had written and seen drawn into visual amazingness.  The incredibly talented Todd Harris was the artist here – he really displayed his amazing ability to not only draw incredibly well but to do it in at least 2 different styles.  The story of Big Ships is about 2 college students that experience something beyond-natural that they are unable to completely describe.

Caffeine Dreams 01:  On Becoming a Monster

Caffeine Dreams 01: On Becoming a Monster: Reunion

On Becoming a Monster: Reunion is one piece of a very long story that I’ve been working on for nearly 15 years with it’s artist, Chris Sagovac.  Ultimately, we’d love to tell this very long story of how a vampire comes between the war of heaven and hell but for now, we just had time and space to tell of how the three sides in the war finally came to somewhat difficult terms.

Caffeine Dreams 01:  Monarch Kingdom

Caffeine Dreams 01: Monarch Kingdom

Monarch Kingdom is a very intense examination of a metaphor but it’s also beautiful art by Nick Kunin and a love story set in video game science fiction.  This is one of the most well-rounded stories I’ve ever been a part of and I’m proud to call it my own.

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