3-Page Previews: Karl Altstaetter’s Me2

OK – this is officially the very first 3-Page Previews from BuyInidieComics.com and we are just silly-excited about it. For one, it’s a new, great way to get to learn something about comics projects from the perspective of the creator but for we’re also giddy over the first one being about and by BuyIndieComics.com friend, Karl Altstaetter. If you remember, Fan About Town Richard Hamilton did a spiffy littler interview with him a bit ago and we’re happy to have him back. We’ve said enough already, here’s what Killer Karl has to say about his work:

“These pages are taken from a project called Me2 which I’m working on with MTV Geek. It’s about a girl named Crystal who finds out she has multiple personalities and each one of them has its own super power.”

Me2 Page 02 - Click to Englarge

Me2 Page 02 - Click to Englarge

“On this first page I was playing with different narrative perspectives. From a visual standpoint I wanted to break up the peace and tranquility of the park I had set up on the previous page. Crystal doesn’t know if the voices in her head are real so when the truck appears suddenly we as viewers know that the voices are telling the truth. I wanted to break the peace by literally having the truck break out of the normal panel structure. Comics are great for capturing tiny moments and you can control the speed that people experience to the information. By focusing in on Crystal in the second panel I wanted to not only have us as readers focus in and relate to her but also insert a moment that happens in between two larger moments. Effectively slowing time down. In the last panel I cut right to the point of impact. Time is moving again and I pulled back to view where we feel we are seeing the entire scene. Almost a documentary style shot.”

Me2 Page10 - Click to Enlarge

Me2 Page10 - Click to Enlarge

“I find it fascinating that when we wake up from a dream were are emotionally moved by the imagery we remember from the dream. In this second page I wanted to capture that emotion. I wanted the imagery to be bursting from Crystal’s head. Like a memory or a dream that wants to have a life of it’s own. The girl in the middle is in shadow to create a sense of mystery. The fire dragon is moving in a circular motion to move the viewers eyes around and through the page. Usually I think it’s important to keep the story moving but from time to time I think it’s cool to have a reader stay on a page and look at it for awhile. If used at the right time it can be a great tool to enhance the drama of the story.”

“For comics, movies and animation color is so important to the mood of the scene and in turn the storytelling behind the scene. I learned from the artists Joe Chido and Steve Buccellato that color is one of the biggest weapons you have in your arsenal to help tell the story. In this case I started with an orange panel to bridge the gap between the dream like sequence of the dragon page and the reality of where Crystal is a months later. We learn later she is in Arizona but I thought it would be interesting to set her in this dark cold environment and juxtapose that with the hot palette of Arizona after a huge battle. When you are dealing with a 2D world as you do in comics. Anything you can do to bring motion or change or energy to the artwork and storytelling is a plus. Drawing the reader deeper into the storytelling experience is what it’s all about.”

Me2 Page11 - Click to Enlarge

Me2 Page11 - Click to Enlarge

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