3-Page Previews: Menthu #02 from Black Inc! Imprints

Menthu #02 cover

Menthu #02 cover

Menthu 01-04, originally published in  2004, tells the story of Rashan N’Shanga’s trek of discovery. This trek begins as he learns he’s ancient Egypt’s warrior sungod, Menthu. It takes him around the world & ultimately to Egyptian lore’s mythic Khert Neter. Issue #02 begins with Menthu/Rashan on the Tuat, with Anty the Oarman–a rotting corpse. (Predicting that Rashan will have a bumpy ride is wise.) But at least he’s dimensions closer to being reunited with his father, the pantheon’s wargod, Anhur. And much closer to learning his own origin. However, if Set has his way, this reunion will be more of a funeral. This preview recalls Menthu #02.

Robert Roach: creator, writer, artist, re-worked colors, publisher; Larry Welch: colorist; Bryan Taylor: letterer;  Tony Stewart: cover

32 pages, full color throughout

Once more, this “preview/review” covers Menthu’s origin arc, the mini-series ended where Black Inc! Imprints’ Year of Comics begins. BIC is also the place you’ll find more info vis-á-vis this project. It’ll showcase 6 new, full-length issues of Menthu action (published bi-monthly).

Menthu #02 pages 02-03

Menthu #02 pages 02-03

This 2-page spread introduce all of us (Menthu included) to the Khert Neter’s horrors. This Egyptian underworld has no sense of time & space. The ranging river–more like a living sewer in the first 11 sections–winds through a dangerous, blasted landscape, full of monsters & terror. Anty monotonously propels his ancient craft downstream, toward the Twelfth Tome–this reality’s lone place of safety & paradise. The Ta-Djesart.

Menthu #02 page 14

Menthu #02 page 14

Due to Set’s machinations, one of the river’s most feared creatures, Kheti, is awakened. Always in a foul mood, the monster snake erupts to the water’s surface, primed to attack whatever is there. Unfortunately for Menthu, he is the “whatever” this time.

Menthu #02 page 24

Menthu #02 page 24

After (barely) surviving excruciating moments as the serpent’s snack, Menthu/Rashan is fished out of the river. Though barely alive, he’s made it to the Ta-Djesart, the Egyptian immortals’ paradise. He’s groggy & can hardly register what he’s witnessing. But it’s all true. He’s been reunited with his father, as Anhur presents a small portion of this eternal city to his son (& us).

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Hometown Productions

Black Inc! Imprints’ Year of Comics–featuring “Menthu”.

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