3-Page Previews: Menthu #03 from Black Inc! Imprints

Menthu 03 cover

Menthu 03 cover

Menthu 01-04, originally published in  2004, chronicles Rashan N’Shanga’s assuming the mantle of Menthu, ancient Egypt’s warrior sungod. Initially, he learned that his dad–who Rashan thought died when he was 7–is alive. Moreover, his dad is actually the pantheon’s god of war, Anhur. This discovery has taken him around the world & ultimately to the mythic Khert Neter. After unknown time on the Tuat, with Anty the Oarman, Rashan has reached Egyptian “nirvana” & is reunited with his father. But–as Set, the god of chaos & evil has determined–this is FAR from the story’s “happy ending.”

Robert Roach: creator, writer, artist, colors, publisher; Bryan Taylor: letterer; Yumi Roach: assistant colorist; Tony Stewart: cover

32 pages, full color throughout

If this is your first visit, please know that this “preview/review” covers Menthu’s origin arc. And the upcoming Black Inc! Imprints’ Year of Comics begins where this arc leaves off. BIC is also where you’ll find more info about the year of publishing project. It showcases 6 new, full-length issues of Menthu’s burgeoning life in LA (published bi-monthly).

Menthu #03:  Page 05

Menthu #03: Page 05

Personally, this is a very important page. One reason for its importance is that father & son are finally reunited. (Hard to do a “father-son” story otherwise.) A bigger reason is that such a scene–a Black father embracing his son–is NEARLY NEVER seen in mainstream comics. Please take a moment & challenge yourself: what mainstream character–”Big 2″ or the “Mid-Majors”–has a living father who’s never been to prison, on drugs or in some other shady circumstances? When have these characters hugged out of love & caring? I wanted to get this reality–which is closer to that of me & my friends–in the comics community.

 Menthu #03:  Pages 18-19

Menthu #03: Pages 18-19

This 2-page spread introduces the pantheon, the setting & a bit of the immortals’ machinations to everyone. The setting is the Hall of Maati.

Menthu #03:  Page 24

Menthu #03: Page 24

Anhur’s long cherished dream has almost come true. His son–Menthu or Rashan, it doesn’t matter to the god of war–was moments away from acceptance into Egypt’s pantheon. But, per usual, in stepped Set & his cunning ways. This time, the god of chaos’s main acolyte, hyena-headed Set-Qesu, has appeared to challenge Menthu-Rashan to a death battle.

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