Brandon Easton’s Shadowlaw, Like 80′s Cartoon Imports But Now

Brandon Easton's Shadowlaw

Brandon Easton's Shadowlaw

Are you a Robotech fan? In the summer when I was a kid, I had my watch set to warn me 15 minutes in advance that Robotech was gonna be on so that I could rush home and pour my friends and I some iced tea to drink while I immersed myself in this new, original, and foreign masterpiece. It was that existence that I was immediately reminded of when I first opened up Brandon Easton’s Shadowlaw. In full disclosure, Brandon and I are buddies – friends of friends at comic book conventions – but who isn’t in the comic book industry? So, that off my chest, I’ll continue with my review of his comic book, Shadowlaw. I will admit that the art of Shadowlaw had a lot to do with my transportation to this anime world but Easton’s writing by no means pulled me back to United States like so many other similar books from The West often do. I stayed planted, right there inside big robot, crazy vampire land the entire time.

Wait, I didn’t mention the vampires? Yep. They are there. The fangs are the second half to this appropriately insane little┬ábig adventure. This is another piece of Shadowlaw that authenticates the book’s influence from Asia. It is more than one part Vampire Hunter D. So, we’ve got battletech adventure, vampires, Catholic Church conspiracy – it’s sounding pretty insane and as it should. That is after all one of the things that keeps many of us coming back to Manga and other, wonderful stories from outside the US. They are original and have plots that to most American readers seem really twisted. Good. I could use something refreshing like that tea I had when I was a kid and watching Robotech.

So, in all fairness, I have a few gripes with Shadowlaw. I wanted to see more big robots. There are a few great teases and it seems like some of images of mechs were left out for the sake of story but hey dude, it’s a big robot book so I want my big robots. My other gripe? Not enough Mech vs Vampire – we had a couple good pages but I look forward to more. But I guess that’s some good writing though, right? Flaunt just enough of the good stuff to bring you back for more. Sign me up Mr. Easton, I look forward to the next book. Once everyone has read the first book of Shadowlaw and while we are all waiting for the second one, we can watch Easton’s work on Thundercats.

Shadowlaw creators:
Brandon Easton, Writer
Scott Kester, Illustrator
Ryo Kawakami, Illustrator
Dawnson Chen, Colorist

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