Burger Force, A Comic Book Directed by Jackie Ryan

Burger Force #1

Burger Force #1

Just last weekend, I was in San Francisco talking to my writing partner Bryan about different indie comics we’d read and he mentioned Burger Force which he’d bought at the last APE.  He was worried that he’d never get to read the rest of the books and swore that he’d buy them all if the creator was back at APE again.  Well, there I was at Comikaze 2012 this last weekend and I see a Burger Force table.  Until the book’s creator, Jackie Ryan mentioned that she’d been at APE the previous year, I could not remember where I’d heard about the title before.  But there it was.  Ryan and I talked briefly about BuyIndieComics.com and she was gracious enough to hand me a copy of issue #1 for free.

That first night of Comikaze, I forced myself through exhaustion to read the first issue of Burger Force.  The first thing that hit me was the title – it’s crazy and I still have no clue how it ties to the story within but I kinda don’t care.  The most important thing about the book is the amazing visual sense of style that the book has.  It’s wonderful.  The covers are two-tone, white and some-other-color-that-pops and the interiors of the books are incredible experiments in positive and negative black and white space.  Burger Force actually reminds me a good deal of Brian Michael Bendis‘ early works:  Fire, Goldfish, Torso, Jinx.

Talking about Burger Force’s interior art brings me to something I’ve been meaning to say about comic book art for a while now: it doesn’t all have to be Big-Two-Style to tell a great story.  Ryan lists herself as the writer, director and producer of Burger Force.  The images in the book all appear to be modified photographs which allows Ryan to handle the art on her own, something that many indie writers all over the world would love to be able to do.  Don’t get me wrong, the photography and sense of design that Ryan displays is awe-inspiring.  Over the years, I’ve developed some serious Photoshop skill but I don’t know that I could have the eye to pull together what Ryan does in Burger Force.  It’s cinematic and smart storytelling, no matter what the style or medium.

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    Supersize thanks to you, Dale Wilson. It was a great Expo & it was lovely meeting you! -JR

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