Comic Indies Invade Anaheim, Day Two

The Four-Color Fandom Invasion of Anaheim continues!  While these sights and sounds (and sometimes smells—but I didn’t encounter any offenders of the fourth sense this con) are fast becoming old hat for me, the other conventioners in Anaheim were (presumably) in for a treat.  And by other conventioners, I mean the other conventions sharing the Anaheim Convention center.  For regular attendees of San Diego Comic Con, which I once read was the largest convention of any kind in North America, seeing another convention sharing the exhibit space is unheard of!  That con has been spilling out of the San Diego Convention Center and into neighboring businesses for a number of years.  But back in Anaheim, SDC’s little brother Wondercon was sharing convention space with both a girl’s volleyball tournament (or exhibition) and a cheerleading event.  I was even told that the adjacent hotel was hosting an Herbalife convention.  All of that and the appearance of the mythical Southern California rain made lunch at the nearest food court very interesting (That’s Klingon for “the lines were longer than for a Star Wars movie”).

But, I’m ahead of myself.  Let’s go back to the start of the day.

I started the morning helping some new friends with a small tech problem at their booth.  That took longer than I thought it would, but it all worked out in the end.  Then I hit the exhibit hall floor.  My usual trend since the very first Comic-con I attended has been to go down every aisle looking for items of interest.  It’s sometimes a challenge, especially if I’m not planning to attend every day.  I didn’t quite manage it today, but I think I did well.  Here are some of the highlights.

Bloodsucka Jones Wondercon 2012

Bloodsucka Jones Wondercon 2012

*First up is Bloodsucka Jones.  Actually, this wasn’t an exhibit. It was a dude in a full on blacksploitation costume—complete with afro and a “fist” pick.  I had to get a picture, of course.  Then I learned that Bloodsucka Jones is an upcoming feature film.  I checked out the film’s facebook page, but it is short on information and needs to be really beefed up.

*Femme Fatales.  My friend Shani Pride stars in a Season Two episode of this series.  I dropped by their booth and chatted with Shani for a few minutes.  I’d like to tell you where to find Season Two of this series, but the producers failed to include both the network and the premiere date on the handout I was given.

*Fon Davis, MORAV.  I stopped to talk to miniature model maker Fon Davis.  He’s a former ILMer with his own studio, specializing in Miniatures.  The models he had on display were amazing!  It’s great to see that particular art still thriving in this day of CGI overload.  Also on display was Fon’s creation MORAV (Multi-Operational Robotic Armored Vehicle), a graphic novel detailing the history of robotic warfare.  He even had miniatures from the story on display.

*Comixology.  My conversation with the Comixology rep was interrupted by the aforementioned appearance of Bloodsucka Jones.  But not before he gave me a code to redeem a free copy of The Walking Dead Vol. 1.  I’ve already become familiar with Comixology and their online distribution of comic books through a few early purchases from DC Comics’ New 52.  I appreciate the gift and will redeem it—but—I personally find reading comic books online to be as annoying as Jar Jar Binks was to many Star Wars fans.

*Naruto Shippuden:  Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations.  You’d think I’d be a gamer.  You’d think that, and you’d be wrong.  The animation in the game play attracted me to this booth.  It looked like an anime cinematic and not like gameplay.  Interestingly, the dude out front couldn’t grasp the concept of the question I asked him, like five (5!) times:  ”Is this gameplay being recorded?”  See, I wanted to check it out later because the animation was so dope.  But, apparently this guy was from the Time Trapper’s pocket universe and they hadn’t invented VCRs, DVD recorders, or DVRs there, yet.  And it looks like I won’t checking it out online either, since the video game company (like the aforementioned producers of Femme Fatales) failed to include even one url on the post card that dude handed me.

*Artist D.J. Welch.  Generally, I don’t buy much artwork.  But I really liked D.J.’s style and actually bought three of his prints.  Check out his Deviantart page.

Wondercon 2012 Captain America

Wondercon 2012 Captain America

*Artist Daniel Vest.  Daniel is both a traditional and a CG illustrator.  I really liked his CG work.  He uses an application called DAZ Studio and creates some stellar work.  I spoke with him for a few minutes. He does some of the promotional art for the DAZ 3D website and gave me a couple of tips to improve my own DAZ art.  Thanks, so much!  You can also check out his Deviantart page.

Well, there was quite a bit more, including some really awesome costumes (Chewbacca with actual Wookie noises, Captain America at the Marvel booth, a Steampunk group, et al).  I ended the day by weaving back through and picking up the indie books I had compiled on my buy list.  I hope to read them all soon. And if my editor approves, I’ll list reviews of them here.

Live Long and Prosper because the Force Will Be With You Always!

Until then, make mine DC — cause, like, those are my initials!

DeWayne Copeland is Sr. Director, Film and Publishing for MYTHKEEPER Corporation. He was assistant editor for MG3 Inc’s Chaosis and Little Big Shot graphic novels. DeWayne also co-created and produced the upcoming super-hero web series CV Nation.

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