Comikaze Day 02 – Better Than Day 01

Comikaze Day 02 - Better Than Day 01 -

Comikaze Day 02 – Better Than Day 01 –

Last night, when I blogged about Comikaze Day 01, I was exhausted and it shows in my writing. But that’s how first days of shows can be: exhausting. Plain and simple. The last day of a show is typically the same way – so two day shows are hell-like in that way. But tonight, I feel surprisingly spry. Well, spry enough to write what I hope to be a better post about Comikaze Day 02.

In terms of sales, DWAP Productions performed much better today than yesterday and Elbis sold very well with several self-proclaimed “cat lovers”.  It was nice to see people genuinely interesting in our books and willing to shell out some hard-earned cash to read and own them.  I’d like to chalk this up to today being cooler in LA, less lines to get into the convention hall and a little more hustle on our part but who knows.  Conventions can be fickle creatures.

Even after yesterday’s mega-haul of wonderful indie books that I’m excited to have in my stack, I was still able to find several books that look great:

  • I Can Be a Shark by Carolyn Tom
  • OMGcow: a Comic Diary April 2012 by our very own Sheika Lugtu
  • Forever Freshman by Neil Segura and Ray Mendivil
  • Trigger Men by Mike Andersen and Heather Brinesh
  • Burger Force 2-5 by Jackie Ryan
  • Pluto Moon Base by Harrington, Munoz, Garland and Fowler
  • Footprints by Esposito and Moore
Many thanks go out to everyone that gave copies of their book free of charge for review purposes.  We will give them a read as soon as possible.
There is a lot that can be said about Comikaze 2012 – in the end, it still was not as good to DWAP Productions as last year in terms of sales but for, it was phenomenal.  There were so many incredible creators to meet and talk to.  We handed out a ton of postcards and we hope to hear back from even 10% of them.  In the meantime, it’s back to “life as normal”, reading comics, writing about them and playing with online marketing as a way of life – things could easily be worse.
Never Enough Said.
Comikaze Day 02 - Better Than Day 01

Comikaze Day 02 – Better Than Day 01

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