Darkslinger Guru, Adam Watson, an interview

Darkslinger Comics creator Adam Watson

Darkslinger Comics creator Adam Watson

Dale Wilson, the founder of BuyIndieComics.com asked me to interview an interesting creator out of Oregon. His name is Adam Watson and he’s the founder and driving force of Darkslinger Comics. These guys are good, they’ve already got several books out and continue to pound ahead on the indie scene with both paper and online comics. I interviewed Adam recently.

Who are you and where are you from?

I am from Molalla, OR. I am the owner of Darkslinger Comics as well as the writer/creator of Chronicles of Van Helsing, Ghost Assassin, The Pauper, The Principalities and El Bovine Muerte.

Do you remember the first comic that you purchased?

Yes I do, it was the movie adaptation of Willow from Marvel Comics.

When did you decide you wanted to create your own comics?

When I was teenager I wanted to be a comic artist, but a car accident shattered my wrist making that an impossibility. It wasn’t until I was about 23 that I started writing comic scripts. Most of what I would write was original material, so I would say it first dawned on me that I should be creating my own stuff at around the age of 25.

Wow, that’s terrible about your wrist. Although, I’m sure with your background as an artist it helps in getting your point across in writing scripts. What was the first original comic that you wrote and produced?

It worked out for the best as I am a lot stronger at writing then I ever was at art. The first comic I ever produced was The Pauper, but I wasn’t happy with the end result. I ended up releasing Ghost Assassin: Prelude first because I was a whole lot happier with it. I eventually released The Pauper issue #1 as The Pauper: Rough Cut. I am currently putting the finishing touches on a rewrite of the entire Pauper mini-series, so it will see re-release soon.

Did you create Ghost Assassin and The Pauper before forming Darkslinger Comics or were these the first titles from your imprint?

It was written prior to forming Darkslinger. I had the name Darkslinger in mind if I ever decided to start my own business but hadn’t decided to absolutely go that way yet. The Pauper was initially a pitch to Marvel’s short lived Epic line. The Principalities were also created prior to me forming Darkslinger. Ghost Assassin was the first original story idea I came up with after forming the company.

As an indie creator/writer where do you find your artists for Darkslinger’s books?

Quite a few of our artists have submitted to us through our website. We have found a few through LinkedIn, Facebook and at conventions. The best resource we have found is www.digitalwebbing.com When I post an ad to their message boards looking for new talent I usually get at least 50 applicants.

Yes, Digitalwebbing has been invaluable in creating my book, Force Galaxia. Do you look for specific styles for each story or do you try and find the best artist available to your budget?

We always try to find an artist with a style that will best fit our story. That is by far the most important thing to consider when hiring an artist.

So Darkslinger is pretty prolific as you have several other titles available from Chronicles of Van Helsing to Tattoo This. I’m especially looking forward to your online story El Bovine Muerte. What advice would you give to new creators who would like to have as wide a catalog?

Learn all that you can about the business of comics. The main reason our catalog has been able to increase the way that it has is because I took the time to learn the business of selling comic books. If you do not do this, you will not get very far.

You’ve got a new project, a WWI Zombie epic, that you’re raising funds for on Kickstarter. Tell us a little bit about this project and about your Kickstarter campaign.

The project is called Who Will Save The World? and can be viewed at: http://kck.st/HOWleb
The story involves the Germans creating a bio weapon during World War 1 that can reanimate their soldiers, making them unstoppable killing machines. They are in essence Zombies, but not your normal type. They are still soldiers. Within a matter of days this unstoppable army has wiped out almost all of Europe with England being the last country standing. England calls on the US for help, but will it be enough?
The story was created by Stefano Cardoselli and features artwork by him. Rita Gorgoni is providing the script.
We have several great incentives available on Kickstarter. You can get a copy of the book, a limited edition trading card, shot glasses, an exclusive hard cover, an exclusive print, an art page or even drawn in as a soldier in the actual comic. There are 26 different incentive levels in all so there is plenty of great stuff to choose from.

Lastly, where can the fans find your books and how can they contact you?

They can find out more information through our website at www.darkslinger.com. There are several e-mail address listed there. In addition we have a Facebook page, a Twitter page, a Google+. You can find our books at comic shops around the world and if you go to any conventions on the West Coast there is a good chance that you might see us there.

Great, thanks so much for your time.

Thank you very much for taking the time to do the opportunity!

Andre Owens has been hiding in Los Angeles for over 15 years, a former Director of Photography, he now writes and publishes the cosmic comic, Force Galaxia. He is currently writing and plans to produce a webseries, The Psychedelic Detective. In his free time he enjoys long form television, sushi and a celebration of all things 420. His name’s not Supergreen!

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