Earth Invasion, a Valiant Nexus

Earth Invasion from Wunderman Comics

Earth Invasion from Wunderman Comics

Remember the extremely dense, word-heavy tomes that Valiant Comics used to publish? Or maybe the pages of Nexus by Mike Baron and Steve Rude that seemed to have years of activity in a single page? Sometimes, the art in these books was strictly functional and more about telling the story than anything else…. If you dig that stuff, you need to check out Earth Invasion from Wunderman Comics. As I read this book, there was a part of my brain that kept asking, “What does this remind me of?” It’s wasn’t the story, because that’s fairly original. No, it was the stylistic choices.

Earth Invasion drops the reader right in the middle of a semi-post-apocalyptic alien-invaded world where sometimes there are pretty extreme jumps in logic that don’t always make sense. But what in a world like this does make sense? The Earth of this book is foreign, a place that readers might have trouble understanding or coming to terms with. This is relatively solved by having the protagonist seemingly befriended by one of the captured invaders who goes into a long description of how he ended up on Earth. In this diatribe, we learn much about why the Earth was invaded and what the plans of the aliens are.

There is some intense use of archetypes in this book – the protagonist is heroic, he has a dog that he can converse with (via alien technology), a potential love interest scientist friend, the aforementioned befriended alien and a small multi-cultural army of Los Angeles-native freedom fighters. I’ll not beat around any bushes here, Earth Invasion is not necessarily the kind of book that I love to read, it’s a little clunky in parts and the art is as I mentioned above, serviceable but not beautiful. However, I know there are more than a few readers out there that miss what the Valiant titles (they are after all coming back) and Nexus (which had a resurgence recently) brought to comics – if you’re this reader, Earth Invasion is for you.

Oh, hey, did I mention that you can download the first PDF of Earth Invasion here for FREE?  No, well I guess I did now.  It is well worth FREE.

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