Forever FanGirl: Mainstream Comics and Me

Heather Kenealy, Forever FanGirl

Heather Kenealy, Forever FanGirl

Ok, so, is a site for Indie Comics, and Comic Creators, but I think that it’s important for those of us who chose to create our own worlds and stories to look at the big boys, the mainstream comics. It makes us remember where we all came from, those behemoths with their Men of Steel and Star Spangled Super Soldiers. Without the Wall Crawlers and the Dark Knights, we would be waving our pencil sketches before blind eyes and screaming our mythologies into the ether. So, that’s going to be the focus of this column, Forever FanGirl, told from the point of view of a lady-writer struggling in a male dominated field, working for almost no pay at a comic shop in Studio City, CA. My tastes run mostly to Marvel, with a few DC titles, thanks to the New 52. I like superheroes, things that blow up, and I am definitely Team Cyclops (suck it Wolverine!). Everything in these reviews and articles are entirely my opinions, and I don’t claim to be objective or pandering. I’m snarky; I like clever word play, and I hate Jeff Lemire’s Animal Man, but I accept that I’m in the minority there.

Most of the articles in this column will be reviews of one or more of the books picked up that week. I’ll try to mix them up between Marvel and DC, and on occasion something from Image or Dark Horse, though, those are not very high on my pull list. If there’s something you particularly think deserves a review, send me a request and I’ll pick up the book. If I say something you disagree with, let’s chat about it. I’m fairly open minded, unless you’re trying to convince me that Wolverine makes a good headmaster and naming the school after Jean Grey isn’t ridiculously passive aggressive, then I may have to defriend you on Facebook.

So, in a nutshell, that’s what to expect from Forever Fangirl, basically a hopefully entertaining journey through the treacherous waters of Mainstream Comics as I read them, sell them and hopefully get to write them. Last October, I won Pow Entertainment and MTV Geek’s The Seekers contest, so for the next few months, I will be working on writing a 110 page graphic novel based on a story concept by Stan “the Man” Lee, as well as writing a web comic based on a movie script that’s being circulated around the studios right now. I’ll keep you informed on the progress behind the scenes, as well as the latest on news from the world of mainstream comics. Stick with me, and we’ll hopefully have a heck of a ride as I remain a Forever Fangirl!

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