Free Comic Book Day: A Crash Course in Mini-Comics!

Win at Indie Comics, Sheika Lugtu

Win at Indie Comics, Sheika Lugtu

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day; a Christmas in May for comics fans. Originally coordinated to boost comic book orders and sales, Indie Comic creators can (and should!) take this opportunity to get their work in front of potential fans. Outside of comics conventions, there will few times that large numbers of people actively seek to get and read comics. Fans will be beating down the door; something as simple a small mini-comic with your website can attract readers.

You’ve made a mini-comic, right? Whether you do long-form print comics or have an established webcomic; a mini can be the teaser that invites people to look and, even better, buy your work! Best of all, minis can be made quickly and cheaply. When you’re looking at a net profit of zero, fast and cheap is better than bacon.

The simplest mini can be a single sheet of paper, photocopied and folded. Check out this tutorial for a quick no-staple mini-comic by RR Anderson.

Getting a little fancier is this multi-page stapled comic with illustrated instructions from the Big Time Attic blog.

Many local comic stores have events where Indie Comic creators can set up tables or booths to personally give away their comics. It’s practically a tiny comic convention in every store! Check out the FCBD site for participating stores. At the very least, see if stores in your area will carry your comics for the day to give away.

And now, because Buy Indie Comics readers are super special; here’s a mini-comic I made as a crash course to writing comics! Made with the help of the awesome Evan Spears of Ultraculture Comix.


Sheika Lugtu lives on the internet and draws comics just for you at Ask her stuff or just say hi via email.

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  1. Posted June 30, 2012 at 3:55 am | Permalink

    Thanks Jose.Yes, this version is fodeld already and in fact you might see the page numbers (at least in the first four).Anyway the storyline is not very tight. You just may get another story if you read it in different order.Enjoyed making this one and next year I’ll arrange a Mini-Comic day in my hometown.

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