Hoax Hunters is a Transformative But Lacking Experience

Hoax Hunters, Vol. 1: Murder, Death & The Devil TP

Hoax Hunters, Vol. 1: Murder, Death & The Devil TP

I came into Hoax Hunters knowing very little about the title.  I knew that it had some history with a favorite book of mine, Hack/Slash and by the name of the comic, I figured it had some correlation to the SyFy reality TV shows that both spoof and pay homage to the supernatural in the real world.  The writers had one hell of a hook in having their X-Files-like agents also tied back to cover up the truth that was out there.  With the first story arch in Hoax Hunters, I was pleasantly spooked by what they teased me with.  However, as the trade read on, I felt left out in the dark and seemed to not understand the whole point.

The first chapter of Hoax Hunters is indie-fantastic.  It’s smart and fully of wonderful teaser details that made me want to read more of the book.  The art is a little clunky with washed-out colors but as a general notion, it’s fun and imaginative.  So – I was excited when I saw that the title had moved up to the big leagues in terms of art with the rest of the book.  Well, that all fell flat when I realized that not only had the art become glossy but so had the art-direction – and not in a good way.  A lot of the creepy mood from the first story’s art was lost in overly-glossy, much-like-the-other-guy art style and they also sexified the one token chick in the book – why does she wear mid-drifts?  So she can get all scratched up running through the everglades apparently.  But at least there was some sex appeal in the book, right?

So, one of the reasons that I kept reading Hoax Hunters was because I wanted to learn why the main characters were hunting down hoaxes and covering them up.  While we did get some backstory around the leader of the Hoax Hunter team’s father and how they were all tied to him, we got very little, if any at all understanding as to why the Hoax Hunters were not only seeking out the supernatural but also covering up its existence through a reality TV show.  I’m not looking for a complete story, it’s smart to pace that out over several titles to keep me coming back from more but some idea would have kept me reading the title.

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