Ichabod Jones Issues: Monster Hunter 1 and 2 is Good Psychotic Fun

Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter issue 01

Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter issue 01

Ichabod is a boy in the prison of his mind and apparently an insane asylum as well. We are led to believe that his murdering someone (maybe even a few people) got him jailed. But he’s got bigger monsters to kill and that’s why we’re lead to believe he’s a hero, or at least a good guy. Alright. Sounds good to me. I’m a fan of the twisted and sometimes¬†often depraved antagonist. While I am slowly coming around to at least understanding the stand-up hero types like Superman, it’s the fully warped ones that make stories more interesting to me – this at least partially comes from my not believing that anyone is so perfect as Superman but that’s a tangent for another article. Right now, I’m talking about the to-some degree more realistic, the more complex Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter.

Published by Viper Comics, it’s the art of IJ: MH that immediately caught my attention. It’s beautiful. Renzo Podesta is serious talent. The first issue is full of incredible action that makes single panels fill with motion and entire pages feel like Icabod’s madness. The layout of the pages is made more interesting and compelling by mood-setting texture that both create beautiful backgrounds and add to the overall motion and emotion that build each panel and page. The books are just pretty to look at.

IJ: MH is not just a visually cool-frightening book to look at. It’s pretty mental too. Issue 01 really draws in the audience with monsters and murder and action but issue 02 starts to build some character in Icabod and gives him some friends to escape the hospital with. I should also mention that one of Ichabod’s friends is the voice in his head that seems to both be his guide and have its own agenda that does not always agree with Ichabod. I look forward to finding out where Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter’s voice in his head leads and you should too. No you shouldn’t. Yes you should.

Written by Russell Nohelty, Art by Renzo Podesta, Edited by Gwendolyn Borgen

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