Infinite Horizon (TPB) from Image Comics – Was It Worth the Wait?

Image Comics - The Infinite Horizon TPB

Image Comics - The Infinite Horizon TPB

Back in 2009, I spotted a wonderful cover on the comic book shelves by an artist I immediately recognized, Phil Noto. I’d been a fan of his since reading Beautiful Killer, a great little action thriller that he produced with Jimmy Palmiotti. Noto creates an amazing line and shape that makes his work feel animated and grounded at the same time which combined with a special sense of design creates a unique and otherworldly comic book existence. This new work, Infinite Horizon was with Gerry Duggan and I was immediately excited to see that they were tackling a science-fiction (classic sense), war story.

Infinite Horizon started coming out back when I was still buying floppies and the issues seemed to come out only periodically – it was a pain to have to wait for a while between issues but it was to some degree worth it because was enjoying the story but also because I am a fan of what Noto can do with a page. This is by the way, a major complaint that a lot of readers have with indie books – that they take forever to come out and sometimes they just drop off the face of the earth. And this was of course, one of the reasons (aside from storage and wanting to read whole stories all at once) I’d actually given up on floppies – there was/is just way too much time between issues and as someone that reads a lot of comics, there’s just too much to keep track of. But at some point, in my dismissal of floppies as a way to buy comics, I lost track of Infinite Horizon and was not even sure if the title ever came to a “happy” resolution. I’d check shelves every so often for it but I never saw it again – until 2012, in Previews. There it was, a soul I’d long thought dead.

So, 3 years after I’d read the first issue, the trade popped into my bag at the local comic book store and I was happy to take it home and give it a read. It’s a really good read and in the end, it was worth eventually reading. Noto still makes me awe at his talent that should be seen as diamond in the rough of otherwise very similar comic book styles that fill the shelves of comic book stores across these here United States. And I really enjoyed Duggan’s approach to a science fiction world where anything seemed possible but really only the “pretty much possible” happened. My one and only complaint is that my journey to finally read the book was nearly as long as the journey of the protagonist in the book – it might have been better just to go to trade paper back.

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