John Orlando’s FHA-Q, How Far Can You Take It?

FHA-Q from John Orlando

FHA-Q from John Orlando

I mean, the book is called FHA-Q. You have to know that it’s going to be outrageous. Right? And the cover of the first book does say, “Pseudo-Intellectual Adults Only”. So, the book is trying to make sales at least in part on poking fun at it’s reader. But after reading the first 2 issues, it’s not just the reader – it’s John Orlando, the creator as well. I get the feeling that Orlando is writing the book as much for himself at himself as others.  But that’s cool, cause part of the American dream is after all that we should love what we do.  My question though, “Is it sustaining?”

I would imagine, based on the first two stories of the first two books being riches to rags stories that Orlando is not sustaining himself solely on the sales of FHA-Q.  If he is, well hell yeah!  If not, no worries, I’m not sustaining myself on or DWAP Productions – I also have a lot of irons in the fire.  And as someone who has created the books that he wants/loves without much thought as to whether it was going to sell, I can totally get behind Orlando’s FHA-Q.  Although, I have to say, he probably has some serious fans out there – the book reminds me of something I might see as a single page humor in a porn mag or some other dirty-edge, gritty rag.  Or maybe even Heavy Metal.  It’s full of vulgar references, disfigured characters and disgusting puns.  The beauty of FHA-Q is that it holds absolutely no sucker-punches and snot.  It’s vile and funny and has something to make everyone laugh, grunt or want to stop reading.

I count myself among the few that find it hard to be insulted.  But I gotta say, FHA-Q nearly got me.  Not insulted so much as questioning what the book was doing and whether it was “right”.  I had little or no problem with most of the content except one story, “Anus”.  Not because of the asinine (see, the book makes you want to make these kinds of jokes) reference but because it was edgy in terms of racial characterization – it’s a difficult topic and hard to execute correctly, I’m still not sure if they did it well/right here or not.  In the end (you tell me if that’s another pun), the book was fun because it held no punches and it seemed to hope that you were insulted.  It was not nice, it was dirty-fun.

You can find more about FHA-Q on Facebook and more about John Orlando on Facebook and retailers can find more about the book here.

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