Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown Comic on Kickstarter

Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown Comic

Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown Comic

We here at BuyIndieComics.com have talked before about how cool we think that Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown (twice even).  So, when we heard that they were putting on a Kickstarter project, we offered the creators an opportunity to post something here about it.  Co-Creator Keith Foster dropped us the below beat about their Kodoja Kickstarter project.

A few years ago on the eve of a studio session with my funk band Big Pimp Jones I had an idea about some hip-hop tracks I had been messing with on the side - they were cinematic in nature, and with a few adjustments (take away the hip-hop beats,  add real musicians) they could serve as a Kaiju soundtrack. When I showed up at the session the next day and told the other guys in the band, we could hardly contain our excitement – to the point where I think we were more amped to work on the Kaiju stuff than the tracks we were recording at the time!  Not too long after the session, these Kaiju tracks were written, recorded and completed. It was time to think about what to do with these tracks we were so proud of.

The initial concept was to tie them in with an existing character or maybe bill the record as a ‘Lost Giant Monster soundtrack’, but then someone asked a question: what if we CREATED a monster to go with the music?  Being a Kaiju fan and comics fan I was like “Hell yes let’s do this!…. Plus I want to write a story around it!” The initial concept was born. With each question came answers and even more questions. A record turned into a character, which turned into a comic, which turned into the idea for a series.

It might seem weird to do this as a comic series as opposed to a graphic novel or a webcomic, but everyone in our artist collective (Hot Peas and Butta) grew up in the analog era.  We watched movies on VHS and Betamax (and before that as part of Saturday afternoon television programming), listened to music on 8-track, vinyl and cassettes and read comics.  There’s just something awesome about holding a comic in your hands and flipping actual pages.  As a medium there are so many aspects of comics to take advantage of – pacing, the use of time, the ability to tell the story in separate installments.  The most fun one however is that our special effects budget is both zero dollars and entirely unlimited, its only constraint is imagination! That leads us to the Kickstarter we’re working on to not only get the word out on our character (Kodoja) and Kaiju comic but also to promote giant monster awareness in general.  We’re excited about this multimedia project and we hope you will be too!

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