Long Beach Comic and Horror Con Sunday Might As Well Have Been Monday

Long Beach Comic and Horror Con Sunday

Long Beach Comic and Horror Con Sunday

I say, Long Beach Comic and Horror Con Sunday Might As Well Have Been Monday. OK, it was not as bad as all of that.  Mondays are certainly worse than any day at a comic book convention but today’s Long Beach Comic and Horror Con was sour. There were very few indie comics to be found, the audience seemed thin, there was too much space between booths and the overall tone from exhibitors was generally negative about all of the above and more.

I can bark for hours about negative things but I’m gonna make lemonade.  Seeing convention-friends at shows is always huge – a big deal to me.  Sales for DWAP Productions was not bad with Astra bragging that given another day, she could have sold us out of Elbis and the Orphan Daughter of Time.  I got to hand off some Skatepocalypse books to interior artist, Nathaniel Osollo who seemed really happy with the overall quality of the print run.  Nate also handed me a couple new issues of his wonderful little book, Dark Mouse.  I also got to see Nate’s partner in mini-comics, Evan Spears who dropped me a copy of his new book, Scrapped: The Dead Man with a special note that it must make its way to Mulele Jarvis in Japan.

Again, I got to see my friends at Ginger Rabbit Studio and Jared Sams who gave me a copy of… well, I don’ know what it’s called, there’s no title on the cover but I think that’s the point.  The cover is striking and the interior is really dark-looking so I look forward to reading it.  Jared also gave us another gift by introducing us to John and Matt Yuan who graciously gave me a copy of their book, Declan and Chang: Sweet F.A.  I amazingly happy to see BuyIndieComics.com friends and contributors, Day Zero there with their book Heretic from Off Shoot Comics, the comic book off shoot company of their own doing.

When I mentioned positive reviews of his books on BuyIndieComics.com to Gerimi Burleigh, he handed me a preview/rough cut copy of Morningstar 02 which looks wonderful.  When I talked Triptych Books LLC, the publishers of Trigger Men about the review we wrote of their book, they gave us copies of issues 2-4 and a promise that they would write us an article about the format changes that they have in store for the title and its publication.

In terms of books bought, I finally saw a copy of Locke & Key at the IDW booth – this book is so hot that my local store never has it on the shelves so I was happy to pick it up.  The last book in my stack is Witchman book 1 issue 1 from RC Young.  I’ve seen Young at shows for a couple years now and I was happy to finally have the chance to buy this book – it looks extremely cute.

The last bit of interesting news is about SGXPrint.com.  They are local to the LA area and have prices that cater to the comic book industry – specifically indie comics.  This is very exciting news.  They also have some great looking postcards and standup-banners that they can print for great prices to be used at conventions and other book shows.

So there it is, I didn’t have a terrible show and I got a lot of free, yeah, count them, free books.  But there was definitely some grumbling going on with table-neighbors and I really have to think about whether or not DWAP Productions and BuyIndieComics.com will be back as exhibitors.

Never enough said.

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