My Day-Job in Online Marketing at The Search Agency is Awesome

Search and Destroy: Ep. 5

Search and Destroy: Ep. 5

As a kid growing up in the rustbelt, it seemed a complete pipe-dream to think that I would grow up and have a job that was not physical labor and that I enjoyed.  But after several false-starts, here I am working in online marketing during the day and in the comic book industry at night and on the weekends.  The two come together nicely because online marketing teaches me how to build a site and promote my products and then working on comics gives me the need to make money to spend on comic book marketing but it also makes me want to learn new ways to promote my work.

My current day-job at The Search Agency has opened up some amazing doors for me because I’ve started to learn Search Engine Optimization, AKA: SEO, AKA: Earned Media.  This is basically building and promoting your site on the web in such a way that it makes it more accessible and friendly to search engines.  This is awesome for me because it helps me build the site from the beginning with – my other sites have fumbled along the way but BIC has seen some nice and relatively painless success.

One of the other nice things about The Search Agency is that they not only approve of my having interests outside of the day-job but they also promote this.  And so, a couple of weeks ago, Mr. Greg Biggerstaff, a comic book fan himself and host of The Search Agency’s podcast, Search + Destroy, pointed out some interesting comic book related articles to me (see list below).  He then asked if I’d be interested in discussing these and anything else I had to say about online comic book marketing.  Well, duh, of course I want to promote myself through talking about the two things I love.  So, here it is at

Here are the articles that Greg gave me to reference for the conversation:

In Marvel And DC’s Battle Of The Superheroes, Can The Hulk Kick Batman’s Butt?

How Marvel’s Digital Superpowers Won Over Brick-And-Mortar Retailers

Marvel Announces Big Digital Comics Push, But Will It Fly?

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