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A hard to swallow fad in comic books today is creators from other mediums coming to comic books with a script or concept, thinking that they can “just make a comic book version” that they can then use to sell the idea to a studio.  Often though, they don’t really consider the medium of comics and they just try to force their vision onto the pages with little or no consideration of the art.  I don’t make films, so I would not suppose that I could make a movie in support of the comic books I publish in the same way that I would not think that making my own sculpture would do anything for my comic book either.

In the end, the problem with this is that creators think that making a comic book is like making a flyer or postcard, “any flunky can do it, right?”  Well, no.  And then, some of those same creators say, “Well, we found an artist that translated our script and he’s done comics before.”  The comic book medium is littered with creators that are working towards being good or think they have mad skills and they’ll do any job to get the credit on their resume.  But that doesn’t mean they are going to do a script or even the comic book medium any justice by drawing and translating it as best as they can.

When I first saw the Omega 1 booth at Comikaze 2012, I had the worry that their comic would fall into this difficult-to-swallow fad.  I had in fact, avoided buying their book because I did not want to feel forced to talk about their book in this way.  But I did it, I bought the book.  And while the concept seemed to have some potential, it broke many of the comic book rules that I hold so dear and it deftly fell into alignment with a movie or TV script that was being forced into the comic book medium for the sake of marketing.  There might be wonderful comic book potential here, there might be TV series potential here but the marketing mesh of the two fails to execute.

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