Robot God Akamatsu, I Think They Might Be Onto Something

Robot God Akamatsu

Robot God Akamatsu

When I was a kid, I LOVED big robots. From Shogun Warriors to Voltron and Robotech in its various forms, I dug them all. The problem as I got older was, “How you do you present the visual appeal of cool big robots with story and character interaction that would keep me as a reader coming back?” Many of these stories have failed over the years with things like formulaic redundancy where the big robot always came at the end of character driven story to save the day or big robots just not showing up enough to keep me happy.

So, when I saw someone trying to build a new big robot comic, I was excited/hesitant.  There was a huge potential that it could be a broke-down Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots.  When I first loaded Robot God Akamatsu, I was giddy as a small Japanese girl in Anime to see that it was obviously more than an attempt to rebuild what had come before, that it was building on the shoulders of these giants but not strictly aping them.  Enough big robot references?  OK.

The first thing to stick out about Robot God Akamatsu is the amazing design skills that go into each cover.  They are beautiful.  Opening up the book, the interior art is not what I thought it would be.  Not that it was bad, it just sticks out as being very American and it is a little offsetting.  There are also moments in the book when the art gets a little experimental, the style changes for effect and it’s a little weak, not as smooth as the rest of the work and it becomes even more offsetting.  I know the kind of effect they are trying to get, that Japanese Manga gets when it mixes up styles part-way through the book and it’s great that they’re giving it a whirl but it falls a little short.

The story is interesting and the dialogue works but the story arcs do at times seem like they are falling into the pitfalls of previous incarnations of big robot books.  I will be coming back to Robot God Akamatsu but it’s mostly to see big robots fight each other and monsters every so often and because the covers to this comic are as I said before, beautiful.

Robot God Akamatsu

Robot God Akamatsu

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