San Diego Comic Con 2012, Insights to Indie Publishing: The Antidote Trust – Why I WILL Be at the Show

So, originally, my plan had been to stay home and write post about why I was not attending San Diego Comic Con this year.  Not because I can’t, not because I haven’t.  I have.  Several years, I packed up my stuff for nearly a week at a time and paid condo or fees plus exhibitor fees to attend San Diego Comic Con with the hordes of exhibitors and spectators.  It was always as a member of The Antidote Trust, a collective of indie publishers that banded together as a way to lift each other up, sharing fees, contacts, etc.

It just never paid off.  I made some contacts, I sold some books, I got to know what it felt like to be at San Diego Comic Con as an exhibitor on the floor, right next to Dark Horse Comics.  It was great.  But it was not worth the expenses.  Not in the end.  The last time I attended as an exhibitor, I told myself that I would never attend, trying to sell my books to individuals.  The attendees of SDCC are there for the spectacle, they are there for The Big 2, they are there for the movie premiers, they are there for a pop culture convention.  They are not there for indie books.  Not like mine.

So why am I going back this year?  One of the cooler things that I got to do at San Diego Comic Con was to speak on panels.  All of our panels were us talking about indie comics, about what it was like to be an exhibitor at the show, about how to be a publisher, about how to network, about everything this site is all about for me.  So, when the opportunity came up to do it again, I had to.  Below is the description for our panel.  If you want to hear us talk about our experiences in indie comics or just want to speak to us in person, please come by the panel.  Below are the necessary specs.

6:00-7:00 Insights to Indie Publishing: The Antidote Trust (TAT)– TAT returns to discuss all creativity in all media, featuring info on brand new projects. The panel’s 6 members include: Geoff Thorne, TV screenwriter & indie comics creator (Leverage [seasons 3 - 5], Ben 10: Ultimate Alien & Ben 10: Omniverse, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Star Trek stories & a novel & indie comics by GENRE 19); Dale Wilson, Founder & Editor in Chief at, online marketing guru, a founding member of TAT & comics creator/publisher (DWAP Productions, makers of Caffeine Dreams, Magnificent Creatures, Butterfly Industrial & other cutting edge comics); Larry Welch, a “pro’s pro” at inking since 1992 (Eternity Comics, Malibu Comics, Image, DC & Marvel–with indie work interspersed); Melissa Jarvis, a published author (Past Her Time, from BookStrand Romance, also on Amazon, Barnes & Noble & other booksellers & All Hollow’s Eve from Cobblestone Press [w/a Melissa L. Robert]) & a publicist (15 years experience in non-profit, entertainment & indie film industries); Justin Peniston, animation writer for Man of Action Studios (creators of Ben 10), “Big 2″ writer & indie/digital comics creator (Blue Beetle, Hunter Black & Planet Pantheon); Robert Roach, professional illustrator & storyteller for 2 decades in the film/TV (Warner Bros., Detention, Thick As Thieves, C.R.E.A.M., Street Sharks, etc.) & comics industries (Menthu, Negative Burn, Crack Dog & The Roach, winner of the inaugural Glyph Award for Indie Comics). Room 23ABC

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