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Indie Comics Magazine

Hello indie comic fans, and welcome to another edition of Solar Powered – Indie.  I understand that many of us flock to indie books because they explore themes we might not be able to explore in the mainstream (adult, strange, funny, satire, etc.), but for someone like me, who grew up on mainstream comics and whose favorite heroes are some of the bigger names in comic book lore like Captain America, the Hulk, Batman, and of course Superman, indie comics are a completely new experience, so I thought, today, I would share how I embarked on this journey – in three paragraphs or less.

My writing partner, Kerbykid, and I are – we hope – up and coming comic book authors.  In trying to get our foot in the door, we have spent a good portion of the past two years attending comic conventions and making contacts in hopes of, possibly, someday being able to script for the big two, Marvel and DC.  Truth to tell, however, there are some rather large obstacles, we discovered, to getting our feet in the doors of these massive writing machines, not the least of which is that we might come up with, what we believe to be, an awesome concept for a hero or for one of their heroes as a story arc, and then there comes the struggle.  How much of the concept do you own?  How much slack are you given to where you are allowed to take the character?  Is he/she allowed to grow or react in said ways?  And, of course, how much or how little compensation do you receive?

This was the conundrum we faced when we met Dale Wilson, owner of, who gave us some clarity.  As an outlet for creativity, comics are second-to-none in the realm of fiction; however, every popular character has been written and re-written.  There are not many new avenues for the Avengers or the League to walk along.  Superman has fought and defeated everyone in DC – and a few in Marvel (sorry Hulk), and the same can be said of Cap, the Bat, the Hulk, and countless others, and all within the realm of possibilities set by people whose only job is to make sure you do not screw up their franchise.  So, what does a budding artist or writer do when chances of a lifetime don’t come their way?  They make one or some.  That’s what indie comics truly are.

Indie comics give the reader and an imaginative writer a chance to explore a super-powered boyscout that decides he should rule the world or what might happen if a little boy who lost his parents to violence had gotten therapy.  Indie comics give you the leeway to write a hero who has no powers and gets hurt – a lot – because he isn’t really that good at it, and they allow us to laugh at these creations because the story is what is important, not protecting the fictional character’s image.  So, we at Codenamed Epic, are embarking on an indie comics journey that started with some ideas we wished to give to Marvel and DC and hope to end it with our own productions.  From time to time, between reviews, we’ll let you all in to see how we are progressing, and maybe shed some insight into helping a few of you along.  Until then, remember, indie comics are our chance to have our creativity seen and heard.

Black Superman

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