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Off Shoot Comics

Off Shoot Comics

So, Off Shoot Comics made it to Long Beach Comic Con, and boy, it is a busy time for us.  Now, as I’m sharing, please understand that we are still at the Con, but time constraints- I want to get this up tonight- I’m going to try to let you all know a little bit about what we are doing.

We arrived at the Convention Center around 7am and went in to get set up.  Now, that was a little bit of frustration considering that the volunteers seemed to be motivated only to tick us off by making anything possible harder than need be.  But I digress, we did get our booth set up, and then it was time for the Con to begin.

We started the day staring at all the passersby, hoping that we would find ourselves celebrating our victory with a drink instead drinking away our sorrows.  Well, no one wins all the time, right…?  Pause for dramatic effect… Saturday was a big win for Off Shoot Comics.  Now, don’t get me wrong, we didn’t make $1 million, nor did we get a multi-million dollar contract, from Disney or Warner Brothers, for the rights to Heretic.  What made this day so great for us then?

The answer is simple, actually.  You see, this time last year, Off Shoot Comics was, basically, a website with a couple of pictures I drew on paper- before we got the Cintiqs- that was set up with the lofty goal of giving us a place to put up our ideas and, eventually, test them out on the public.  Well, one year and a whole lot of Cons later, Off Shoot Comics is now a fully functional, two-issues-published entity that is very steadily gaining some notoriety.  So, that’s a win, right.  It gets better.

We sold issues of the comic.  Now, I’ll grant you it wasn’t the millions of issues that we had hoped, nor did we sell the hundreds of t-shirts we thought, but we made sells to people who, at least initially, seemed to enjoy the book.  And for us, since all our sales had been from supportive family and friends, that was a huge win.  Also, some what are now colleagues and peers- man, that felt good to say- gave us the kind of feedback that validated the work that went into making this character and his wrld work.

We also made contacts, got new writers and new artists.  All that, and we got to be interviewed for the first time as a comic book company.  What a day, right?  Again, please understand, we sat for long periods of time doing nothing, and we got hungry, hot, cold- that wasn’t a typo- and tired, but all-in-all, the Off Shoot Comics family, which is literally growing by the day, had a great time.  If you were there and came to our debut, thank you.  If not, we’ll be at Wonder Con.  Come out, say hi, and buy something.  After all, we are indie comics and you came here to buy indie comics, right?  Check us out.  Until then.


Walter aka Black Superman

Off Shoot Comics

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