The Last Zombie: Inferno – I Didn’t Know It Was Book 2

The Last Zombie:  Inferno (TPB)

The Last Zombie: Inferno (TPB)

Sure, some of it is my fault, I should could have done some research before reading The Last Zombie: Inferno to know more about it. But I like to let books speak for themselves and so I try to know as little as possible about a book when I crack the cover. Now, of course there is the knowledge that comes with knowing who one of the creators is, etc. but that’s all pop-culture cache and I can’t avoid that. But, all that aside, I did not know until I started reading it that The Last Zombie: Inferno was the second book in a trilogy – some of the fault in this has to rest with the publisher – there needs to be some kind of indication. Unless, of course, it was intentional. Maybe the first trade did not sell well or even bombed and they were hoping to bump first trade sales based on people that happened upon the second book and felt compelled to find the first. I make no claims, only suppositions.

So my other concern was: just another zombie book.  It’s always a potential failure.  We’ve had a zombie moment in the market.  From The Walking Dead to Marvel Zombies, there is a glut of zombie comics and books, much like a wave of man eating zombies in the worlds these books depict.  There’s been so many zombie books lately, there are categories inside the monster-type, inside the horror genre.  On it’s best pages, The Last Zombie: Inferno is a Walking Dead style zombie book.  It’s about characters struggling to make their way through an incredibly difficult post-apocalyptic world.

The weird thing about The Last Zombie:  Infero – there are no zombies.  It’s about a man that knows he’s been infected, destined to become a zombie but he’s working with a military team fighting their way across the United States from the far-west mid-west to the east coast on military orders and in search for the man’s love.  The logic of the book is wonderful – all zombies are dead, or should I say, redead, dead-again, whatever you want to call it.  So, what’s left is the infection that causes zombies, humans and the apocalyptic world that came with the zombies.  And that is the strange new twist on the second book in today’s zombie story.

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