Thief of Thieves, Kirkman Didn’t Write This

Thief of Thieves Vol 1, I Quit

Thief of Thieves Vol 1, I Quit

I bought Thief of Thieves volume 1 because it’s bantered around as a Robert Kirkman title and because it’s gotten so much hype for its floppies all selling out so quickly.  But as soon as I opened I Quit, I new that it wasn’t a Kirkman book.  It says so.  Nick Spencer is listed as the writer and “story” comes under Kirkman’s name.  I was a little let down when I saw all of the credits.  Not because Spencer isn’t a good writer, I liked Forgetless and Shuddertown.  I was let down because it felt like Kirkman’s name was really only being used for marketing purposes.

Don’t get me wrong, the story of Thief of Thieves is a great heist setup with an excellent twist in the end.  Spencer also does a great job with the dialogue as well as the cinematic, widescreen panels which add nicely to making the heist piece feel all that more authentic.  Having read the entire both the Walking Dead and Invincible series from the beginning as well as several other books penned by him, I’m a fan of Kirkman’s work.  Thief of Thieves just does not feel like Kirkman.  It’s too cinematic.  But maybe that’s the point – I have after all heard talk that they’re already working on a TV series for Thief of Thieves.

So what am I complaining about?  Well, I’m a stickler for honesty.  And maybe Image is being honest in the way that they are listing the story by Kirkman and the writing by Spencer but that’s not the way that the rest of the world is talking about it.  As I’ve said before, my day-job is in marketing.  So, I get that putting the best spin on things makes the general populace have more interest in a product but it’s my own personal opinion that not telling the whole truth can have a negative  marketing impact as well.  I will still read Kirkman and Image and Spencer but I really hope that in an effort to make great comics, they don’t get lost in the tricks of The Big Two.

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