Trigger Men, It’s All in the Dialogue

Trigger Men

Trigger Men

There is a train of thought and practice in writing that is all about trying to have that perfect conversation between two characters.  It’s the basic concept behind buddy films of all kinds: comedies, action films, etc.  With Trigger Men, they take aim at witty banter between two long-time best friends/assassin partners in the form of a dark comedy with action sensibility sprinkled in – certainly a descendant step-child to Pulp Fiction.

Mike Andersen’s writing and Heather Brinesh’s interior art are smart and obviously cognizant of the basic rules of comic book storytelling.  The page breaks are appropriate and often exceptional.  Brinesh’s has a wonderful grey quality that gives Trigger Men somber but not overwhelming mood.  Andersen’s writing, while it is slick and quippy sometimes comes off as a little too much the center of attention.  While I love the idea of trying to master the conversation between two characters, I do feel like it can become overwhelming at times if not tempered by action or some other thing that keeps the reader from becoming bored and keeps the pace of the book flowing properly.

Conversation stories should prove that they are self-aware so that they don’t come off as too full of themselves.  Trigger Men doesn’t completely fall into this trap but it comes close.  There are long scenes of just discourse and while it’s good, it’s no Tarintino.  That having been said, I say that Trigger Men hits the mark in terms of overall book production quality, writing and art – it’s a really good title and I suggest that readers give it a shot.

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