Wednesday Knight Haul – 11.14.12

Wednesday Knight'sHaul - 11.14.12

Wednesday Knight’sHaul – 11.14.12

It’s that season – darkness comes early, it’s chilly here in sunny-Southern California and all I really want to do is stay home and read comics – let’s home that this does some good things for my review production.  But let’s talk about what hit the shelves this week first.  So what does the indie world have in stores for us this week? Some new things, some old things and some sad things.

In terms of new, we have Shinku from Ron Marz, Lee Moder and Image Comics.  The front cover has a great glossy on matte, pop-out image with beautiful front and back Japanese style pictures and a pretty exceptional “I’m a badass image” on the back.  I’m hoping that the story does the presentation justice but I’m pessimistic about their abilities to take this story beyond the “Asian Chicks Are Badasses” syndrome.  We shall see.

The next new title in the stack is Inferno:  A Sleep and a Forgetting from Mike Carey, Michael Gaydos and Transfusion Publishing.  Again, another beautiful cover but in a completely different way than Shinku.  The art inside and out is wonderful and non-traditional and I’m looking forward to seeing how these guys extend a tradition started by Dante.

In terms of old things, we’ve got a new collection of Lobster Johnson from Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, Tonci Zonjic and Dave Stewart.  I’m a Mignola fan.  He’s done a great deal for comics – especially indie comics and I always look forward to reading anything that he’s even sneezed at.  Mignola’s Hellboy-universe proves that smarts and talent can not only take a creator a long way but also provide some wonderful stories.

The sad book in my stack is Scalped: Trail’s End from Jason Aaron, R.M. Guera and Vertigo.  This title has been a favorite of mine for the last few years and I consider it one of the best things to be published in a long while.  Scalped is amazingly dark and tragic and I find it ironic that I’m sad about its passing but I really just love well-crafted comics and it makes me tear up to see them come to an end.

The last and maybe most exciting indie book in the stack is Indie Comics Horror.  It’s a black and white anthology by a ton of indie creators.  I’m obviously an indie comics fan but we should all also know that I love horror stories of any kind.  Combine the two and you end up with a serious love-interest for me.  Here’s to indie horror comics.

OK, I’m tired and my writing feels like it’s suffering for it.  So, I’m gonna go read some and pass out.

Never enough said.

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