Wednesday Knight’s Haul – 06.20.2012

Wednesday Knight Diamond Previews 06.20.12

Wednesday Knight Diamond Previews 06.20.12

So, I thought I’d give a crack at something new.  I’m going to try and post about what I get pick up each and every Wednesday at the comic book store.  Like many fans of comics books, I go to the store just about every Wednesday to see what was distributed that week by Diamond Comic Distributors.  For lack of a better distribution option, I also pre-order books through Diamond’s catalogue, Previews which means I pre-pay for books that may or may not ever come to the store – more on that in another blog post.  In the meantime, I’ll tell you a little bit about how the catalogue is structure and then I’ll talk about the books I bought.

The Previews catalogue generally starts off with big and eye catching photos and descriptions from the big 4 or 5: Dark Horse, DC, Image and IDW.  Woe!  Where’s Marvel?  They have their own mini-sized insert catalogue that you can buy all by itself – convenient for those who blindly buy Marvel.  The rest of the books, no matter how good or bad come after all of that.  As a devotee of the comic book art form, I look through all sections for the best, most interesting looking trades to order.  I don’t generally buy floppies but again, that conversation can be saved for a later post.

So, what did I get this week?  The first one on the stack is Thundercats: Enemy’s Pride by Layman, Vriens and Campus.  Why the hell did I order this?  I have little or no clue.  I was a fan of the show in the 80s and was interested to see what Wildstorm’s was going to do with a trade paperback.

Next came Angel & Faith from Gage, Isaacs w/ Noto and “Executive Producer” Whedon.  I’m a fan of Whedon – even before The Avengers, as far back as Buffy the Vampire Slayer (maybe not the movie).  More importantly though, I’m a fan of the world that Whedon has created:  Buffy, Angle, Faith, Spike, the and even (maybe even more importantly) the reinvention of the Scooby Gang.  I also have to mention that I’m happy to see more work form Phil Noto.  I’ve said it before, I’m a fan of his work.

The book in the stack that will probably surprise the most people is Batwoman, volume I: Hydrology.  Really?  Hell yes.  I’ve actually been anxious for this book.  I’m a fan of the wonderfully empowered lesbian main character and J.H. Williams III is one of my favorite creators.  I even bought this book in hardcover.  I never spend the extra cash for hardcovers – that’s how excited I am about this book.  It might flop but at this point, I really doubt it.

The Boy Who Made Silence is the next beautiful book in today’s stack.  I remember buying the first floppy of this book several years ago from the creator, Jsohua Hagler at one of the Alternative Press Expo shows.  It was a wonderful, new book that reminded me of work by David Mack, another of my favorite creators.  I seem to remember that the original books were published with the help of a Xeric Grant – a true sign of an indie master.

Last and most indie in my stack is Jim Mahfood’s Los Angeles Ink Stains vol 1.  I remember ordering this book but I’m not 100% sure why.  It might have been the description in Previews – tucked in the Image section of the book.  Either way, it was a gamble that’d excited about.  I just opened the book and it looks beautiful.  It is everything the title claims, crazy comic strip looking pages with deep blacks shaping characters and storytelling.  Fun.

So, there it is, my first Wednesday Knight’s Haul.  I hope you come back for more.

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