Wednesday Knights’ Haul – 07.11.2012

Wednesday Knights' Haul - 07.11.2012

Wednesday Knights’ Haul – 07.11.2012

On the night before heading down to San Diego Comic Con 2012 for my whirlwind single day of the show and speaking at a panel, I’m sitting and watching Conan the Barbarian (2011) and writing about the comics I just picked up at the store.  Life could be much, much worse.

So let’s get The Big 2 reference out of the way, with the Batgirl: The Darkest Reflection hardcover edition that I pre-ordered.  I’ve talked before about how I really enjoyed the first issue that went into this book and even if it’s from The Big 2 and there’s a chance that ultimately nothing that happens in this book will have any last consequences, I’m excited to read it and see where things go.  I’m also “friends” with the writer, Gail Simone on Facebook and she seems very cool so I’m happy to be reading an interesting character by an interesting character.

The next book in the stack is Wild Children from Image Comics.  I actually don’t remember ordering this book but something from the description must have stuck out to me because none of the names of the creators ring any bells for me.  Looking this book over, it looks cool and the cover is relatively adventurous by only having design elements with the title and no image that really tells me what the book is about.  But I’m also reminded of a long standing tradition that is missed in this book, there’s no description on the back.  For established titles with known creators, that might work but for a book that is building an audience, I don’t think it’s a good idea.  But we shall see.

Heart, also from Image Comics is the next book in my stack.  I image part of the reason I bought it was because the art was by Kevin Mellon and I really dug what he did with Dennis Hopeless in Lovestruck.  My buying this book probably also had something to do with the subject though, it’s about an MMA fighter and I have several friends including Erwann Marshall who makes short films about the subject and I was probably interested to see how the subject would be handled in my favorite medium.

The last book to talk about is Higher Earth from Boom! Studios.  The title has sounded interesting to me for a while now and it was a $1 impulse buy near the counter.  The internal art does not look at beautiful as the alternative covers did but that’s often how it goes.  Even if I got caught on a bit of a bait and switch marketing tactic, I’ve give the book a fair shake and talk about it here if it turns out to be interesting.

So, look for a post about San Diego Comic Con as soon as I recover from it.  Wish me luck.

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