Wednesday Knight’s Haul – 07.25.12

Wednesday Knight's Haul - 07.25.12

Wednesday Knight’s Haul – 07.25.12

Back again for another week of Wednesday Knight’s Haul. This week, I have some exciting news about my favorite local comic book store, Legacy Comics and Cards in Glendale CA but more on that later. For now, I just want to type on about this week’s haul.

The first book on today’s list is Jason Aaron’s Scalped.  I’ve been reading this book since issue one.  I’m not sure how I happened upon it but I’m happy that I did.  It’s an incredible and dirty read with drugs and violence on a Native American reservation.  Scalped covers all of bases in terms what I want in comics: non-traditional, well-written, amazingly drawn and pushing the bounds of what the medium can and should do.  I’m always excited to read a new trade of this long and winding road.  I’m actually kinda sad about this title because from what I’ve seen, it may be coming to an end soon.

Speaking of dark and dirty characters that I’ve been reading forever, I was excited to see a new Crow title while paging through Previews a few months back.  And now that I’ve read a trade of Button Man, I’m excited to see what John Wagner brings to the creative table – apparently he’s been involved with some other Crow books but I must have missed those in my years of missing Crow books – I was admittedly overloaded by the hype around the title.  I had read it for years before the movie and all the glory that came afterwards so when the franchise got Hollywooded and a little watered down, I was put off.  I think it’s been long enough and I think I can try the morphine waters once again.

The last book in my bag tonight was Dragon Age Vol. 1: The Silent Grove.  HAHA.  Yeah, why the hell is Mr. Indie buying and maybe reading this book?  Dragon Age: Origins is my guilty pleasure in the evenings and on the weekends when I’m not working and should be.  I’ve become relatively obsessed with the game and was interested to see what they’d do with a comic.  Who knows, maybe it’ll be great and I’ll come back here to write about it.  Maybe.

OK – I know that you’ve been reading to know more about my exciting news concerning Legacy Comics and Cards.  So here it is:  they are going digital.  It’s cool and interesting to see what that means.  But essentially, they have 2 store fronts.  One at Comixology and one at which is to my limited understanding part of Diamond Previews.  To get the full low down, I’ve asked the long time owner of Legacy to do an interview with us.  So look for that here soon.

I think that’s all for now.

Never Enough Said.

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