Wednesday Knight’s Haul – 08.08.2012

Wednesday Knight's Haul - 08.08.2012

Wednesday Knight’s Haul – 08.08.2012

The 2012 Olympics are still on and I’m writing about indie comic books. Life is far less than half bad.  At the day job today, I was exhausted – it was a very, very long day – keep in mind that I love my job so I don’t usually have days that drag on.  But I slept poorly last night and that always makes me half a human.  But low and behold, it’s later in the day and I’ve been to the comic book store and do I feel at a loss for energy enough to write my Wednesday night post?  Not At All.  This week saw two of my pre-ordered inde comic books come across the counter to me but I felt absolutely compelled to buy a couple more – the shelves were talking to me today – that may have been an hallucination brought on by the lack of sleep in most honesty.

I’ve already talked about my nearly-blind faith in the incredible talent of Jeff Smith.  Bone amazes me in its ability to reach all levels of audience and still be incredibly well-crafted and intelligent.  That having been said, until Smith is proven to steal treats from puppies, I will keep buying his books.  In fact, I have yet to even read RASL vol. 02 – it’s still in my huge stack – but I’m excited to get RASL vol. 04 – I loved RASL vol. 01 that much.

The other pre-order book that arrived today seems pretty darn contrasting to the first – it’s Fever Moon.  FM was adapted by David Lawrence from a novel by Karen Marie Moning.  I can’t say that I remember exactly why I bought this one but it did have at least a little something to do with wanting to see how the publisher, Del Rey Books, would handle something like this.  I look forward to reading it.

The first book on the shelves to capture my eye was The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume III: Century #3 2009 [Paperback].  In absolute honesty, I have no clue why I did not pre-order this one.  It’s Alan Moore after all and I should be supporting his new works when I’m not supporting hack-jobs trying to relive the glory of his his previously published masterworks.  Anyway, book secured and on the stack to be read.

Walking the shelves today, another book that caught my attention was Extinction Seed.  It’s apparently been out for a while but I hadn’t noticed it, so I bought #0.  The book has a well-drawn cover but I will say that I’m a little put off by the excessive shots of comic-book-shaped women – there have to be other ways to sell books.  The other reason I bought the book is because I wanted to learns something about the publisher, GG Studio Comics.  Extinction See is not the kind of book that I normally read but in support of indie comics, I’ll give it a try.

The last book in the stack tonight is Creator-Owned Heroes 3.  In the time since I first wrote about getting the first issue, I’ve read the first half of it and most of the interviews/articles.  I’m not usually a fan of the style of writing at the back of the book but it was surprising good enough to make me pick up issue 3, hot off the shelves.

OK – back to the Olympics for me – I want to watch Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh take the gold.

Never Enough Said.

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