Wednesday Knight’s Haul – 10.17.12

Wednesday Knight's Haul - 10.17.12

Wednesday Knight’s Haul – 10.17.12

It is on difficult nights like tonight when I am reminded that Indie Comics has such amazingly diverse potential – especially in comparison to The Big 2. I love the comic book medium and I enjoy talking and writing about indie comics.  But even I find it difficult to night after night produce new content for  And then… I pick up my stack at pre-ordered books at the local store and I read the back covers and find myself really jus wanting to read the night away.

I never had any interest in Sina Grace’s Li’l Depressed Boy – it’s just not something that sounds like a good read to me.  I’ve had plenty of depression in my life and I have no interest in reading about someone’s else’s.  But I was always fascinated by the popularity of the book and so I was excited to see that Grace had another book that looked interesting, Not My Bag.  The cover looks classically Lovecraftian but it’s the back cover that drives me to read it:  ”A young artist takes a job at a department store in order to make ends meet… little does he know that he may meet his end!”  Given a 1,000 years, there’s a strong potential that I could never come up with the story behind this book.

The next book in my stack is Mudman, what I hope to be an interesting twist on the capes-core to the comic book industry.  I mean come on, it’s called Mudman and the back cover says, “He’s been run over by a teacher, picked on by the school bully, been given a detention… And now his body seems to be turning into mud….”  When was the last time you read anything like that describing a mainstream comic book.  I’m gonna go with “Never”.

The last book in my stack and the one that looks most mainstream in terms of art is Mind the Gap.  The cover is flashy and highly detailed, art that you might find in one, if not both of The Big 2.  But this is a description that you’ll never find with The Big 2, “…in a spirit form detached from her comatose body, (Elle Peterssen) must not only unravel the mystery of her attacker’s identity and motive, but her entire life as well.”  Yeah, pretty unique stuff that makes me excited about reading comics.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see even more diversity in the creators and the shades of their characters but the concepts of these stories are at least headed in the right direction.

Never enough said.

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