Wednesday Knight’s Haul – 11.07.12

Wednesday Knight's Haul - 11.07.12

Wednesday Knight’s Haul – 11.07.12

After last week’s unholy debacle, I had plenty of books to pick up this week at the local comic book shop.  At least a couple of them fall right into my penchant for horror but the others make my indie brain giddy with anticipation and even a little, “uh, what?”  But in my sometimes-dishonest opinion, that is exactly what indie comics should more often than not do – leave you scratching your head with interest.

So, the two horror books that have me grinning evil are Heavy Metal’s The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from Bisley and Mendheim and Deadworld: War of the Dead from Reed and Makkonen.  I find it interesting that both of these books harken in their own way back to my youth in the 80s.  Both are titles have been around nearly as long as I have but at the same time, both are doing deadly fresh and frighteningly interesting things with the genre they have both done so much to build in comics.  Needless to say, I am darkly excited to read these books eventually.

The next book in my stack is Head Full of Noise from Long, Shasteen and Kickstart Comics.  I have to say that I was excited about the potential that Kickstart Comics had but nothing has lived up to my anticipation just yet.  So, I won’t be holding my breath to read this book but I will give it a fair shake.  The next book – or floppy – in my stack is CBLDF Presents Liberty Annual 2012.  I absolutely must support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund – I figure at some point or another, I’m gonna get myself in trouble and may need their help so for now, I give what help I can.

The last book in my stack is The Leeds Comic Art Festival Anthology 2012 Thought Bubble from Image Comics.  This is the one that when I received it at the store, I damn near said, “What the $%!& is this?”  It’s at first glance more newspaper than comic book.  But hey, I’m all for alternative formats in comics so I can’t really complain.  In fact, when I open this mag, I’m loving it.  The colors pop beautifully on non-glossy paper new print and I feel all kinds of indie-comics warm inside.

So, there I am back from illness last week and looking forward to reading and writing about indie comics.

Never Enough Said.

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