Wednesday Knight’s Haul – 11.21.12 – Almost Turkey Day

Wednesday Knight's-Haul - 11.21.12 - Almost Turkey Day

Wednesday Knight’s-Haul – 11.21.12 – Almost Turkey Day

It’s almost the annual American day of consumption and Turkey worship and here I am writing about comics.  Things are good – very good.  And on this day of Turkey Eve, I practice consumption by buying a fistful of indie and near-indie comics to read and write about.  As you can see, this week’s delivery was thick and heavy like a good gravy.  Obviously, we can never truly tell how good the turkey is until we take the first bite but I’ll describe today’s menu to you as best I can.

My pre-dinner cocktail today is something new for me:  A Man Called Hawken from the brotherly Truman team.  I’m a fan of Westerns, especially in comics but the somewhat-legend Tim Truman seems to have slipped by me.  So, seeing this in Previews, I had to order it.  The art looks gritty and beautiful and I believe I see a hint of supernatural in there so this should be just right to start my comic book meal.

The hors d’oeuvres on today’s menu is Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising book 2.  Because I really enjoyed the first book in this series, I was excited to see book 2 in my stack today at the local comic book store.  After reading the last Rachel Rising, I did some research about Moore and was surprised to find that he is kinda known for his voluptuous women.  So, I was even more surprised that I enjoyed Rachel Rising as much as I did – book 2 will be a true test of my palate.

A seemingly surprising side-dish today was Ennis and Wolfer’s Stitched.  I almost passed this book up.  While always over the top, Ennis has been a bit of a writing machine lately and some of his books have come up a little short in terms of making the grade but I’m willing to give this one a try since I haven’t had a bad taste from him lately.

What should be a delicious if stomach-churning entree today is Kirkman’s The Walking Dead  book 17.  I’ve chosen this as my main course today because I’ve heard nothing but incredible talk about the groundbreaking and apparently shocking issue 100.  With all of the crazy stuff that’s been happening in this book and on the TV show lately, what could they possibly do to surprise me?  Apparently I will find out soon.

For desert, it’s a classic.  Well, what is probably a classic for everyone else: Warren Ellis and Colleen Doran’s Orbiter.  Ellis is at least partially responsible for my coming back to comics.  I’ll save that story for later but the general idea is that his writing skill is some of what made me excited about comic books again.  When I came back to comics, I read a lot, nearly all of Ellis’s stuff.  This is just about the only book that I missed.  So when I saw it available in softcover, I had to have it.

Tonight’s after dinner coffee is served up on Saucer Country.  Why?  Because good coffee is served on a saucer and that joke is nearly as bad but self-aware as the title of the book: Saucer Country.  Yeah, Boo.  I know, sorry.  But the title is wonderful and reminds me of one of my favorite Bill Hicks sketches, so I’m looking forward to reading it.

OK, I totally get that I pushed the food analogies way too far today but I have to say that I am looking forward to my Thanksgiving day tomorrow.  I plan to have some grub, drink some wine, get some rest and hang with my wife and dog.  I hope that your Turkey appreciation day is at least half as good as I have planned for mine.

Never enough said.


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