Wednesday Knight’s Haul – 12.05.12

Wednesday Knight's Haul - 12.05.12

Wednesday Knight’s Haul – 12.05.12

This week saw a fistfull of indies arrive at the local comic book store and I’m just itching to run through them because most are from some of my favorites at one geeky level or another.  This week actually made me happy that I’d given up the floppy addiction a while ago – there are plenty of trades that come out regularly now and I don’t miss the story-tease of floppies any longer.  OK, that rant is out of my system and now for some comic book talk.

The first book in my stack is actually in complete contradiction to what I just said about floppies.  But hey, I am a man of many multitudes – everyone should paraphrase Waltman once in a while.  But anyway, I guess Creator-Owned Heroes has gotten me to break my rules about floppies.  But do they count?  I’m not sure cause it’s as much a magazine (what comic books were originally) as it is a comic book.  Either way, it comes out monthly and it’s not a trade but I believe in their high-ideals so I back them.

Next in my stack is Hoax Hunters from Moreci and Seeley.  I honestly can’t remember why I ordered this book but the subtitle is Murder, Death, and The Devil – some of my favorite topics so that might have had something to do with it.  And on the back cover is a quote from Cullen Bunn, one of my favorite comic writers today so I’m looking forward to the read.

Next down is Think Tank from Hawkins and Ekedal and Top Cow Productions, Inc.  I generally don’t read much Top Cow.  They are generally well crafted but they are also just a little outside of my own aesthetic.  But Think Tank seemed to be closer to homebase for me and I like to be adventurous at times – not mountain climbing adventurous of course but I at least try new reads every so often.

OK, here come my heroes.  Next in the stack is B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth:  The Devil’s Engine & The Long Death.  I’ve said it a million times, Mignola has brought something new and special to comics with an indie sensibility and I will be forever in his debt for it.  Well, ok, that makes it sound like I penned a deal with the devil but the real deal is that I love reading about the a world crafted around Hellboy, his many friends, and Mignola’s mad skill.

Pigs is my next hero of the night.  I’ve talked before about how much fun and what a smooth read this title is and I hope to be back her very soon give another rave review of book 2.  I think that’s about as concise as I can be about something called Pigs.

I talked recently about how much of a comic-crush I have on Europe for their access to 2000 AD so I put my money where my writing is and ordered a book.  Specifically, I gave The Ten-Seconders a chance.  What the hell is up with that title?  Yeah, isn’t it awesome?  It is from start to finish not what anyone thinks a comic book should be and I’m excited to add it to my ever-growing stack of books to read.  A quick flash through the pages shows me beautiful pages of art and I’m giving dinner out with my wife a second thought.

OK, that didn’t last long, I’m out the door in a few seconds.  Thanks for sticking around.

Never enough said.

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