Wednesday Knight’s Haul – 12.19.12

Wednesday Knight's Haul - 12.19.12

Wednesday Knight’s Haul – 12.19.12

Here we are nearing the end of the Mayan Calendar (because they got tired of carving, not because it’s the end of reality) and indie comics are looking pretty freaking great.  Honestly, I hope that the world does not become inhabitable because I really want to read the books that I just picked up at my local comic shop.  In today’s stack we have a how to manual for comics, a tome from a couple Lovecraftian historians, a seemingly Batman-esque vigilante and a part 2.

The first book in my stack that I’m just itching to talk about is a preview copy of Deadbeats from Chad Fifer, Chris Lackey and I.N.J. Culbard and published by Self Made Hero.  Fifer is a buddy of mine (why I got the promo-copy, wink wink, nod, nod) and Lackey has written for  So, I’ve heard the stories about how they’re happy to have something published by Self Made Hero as they both have some exciting projects coming up including Lackey’s Transreality project, which he discussed here as he was running his Kickstarter.  But, what’s really exciting for me about Deadbeats is that it’s Lovecraftian and these guys are experts – no, really.  That’s what they do when they’re not working day jobs and writing other books – they have an awesome literary/historical podcast about the dark genius of H.P. Lovecraft.  These guys are completely tied up by the tentacles of Lovecraft and as I’ve learned through many a conversation and the podcast, they are picky about their Lovecraftian literature.  So, Deadbeats has to be good (it better be guys).

The second book in my stack is Nightwatchmen from Kickstart Comics.  I’m really going out on a limb with this publisher – they’ve failed me in the past but I think that they have potential so I’m giving them another try.  I love the format, the size, the originality but their execution in the past has been lacking at best.  Here’s to Nightwatchmen breaking the trend.

Next down is Jeremiah from Hermann.  I have to be honest – I have no clue what this book is about – I am just enthralled by Hermann’s art, I’m often desperate for new and completely fresh things so I look to European published books and Jeremiah happened to be staring back at me from the pages of Previews when I was in one of these moments.  So, here I am with the second hardcover book and I have not read the first one yet.  Again, another book out on the limb but this one is gorgeous.

The last book in my stack tonight is How to Self-Publish Comics Not Just Create Them.  It’s our “how to” book – I hope.  I know that this came out in floppies several years ago, back when I was stepping into the comic book industry but I was too busy trying to make comics to read it.  So – I bought the hardcover book to make my stack look bigger but also to support the propagation of more information about an industry that I sourly love just that much.

OK – it’s late and I have to read these books at one point or another – good night.

Never Enough Said.

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