Wild Children, An Hallucinatory, Introspective, Post Modern Droll

Wild Children

Wild Children

What the hell did I just say?  The title to this blog post is crazy.  But it’s appropriate when talking about Ales Kot and Riley Rossmo’s Wild Children.  Even with no conjunctions and the use of the word “droll“?  Yep.  I mean, any book that uses a grade school hostage shooting as the setting for an examination of individual perception has got to be a little… I wanted to say off its rocker but it’s more like, running away from its rocker.

How crazy is this book?  One accidental dose of acid into Wild Children, I told myself I was going to reference Grant Morrison in my review of the book but the comic beat me to the punch by directly talking about Morrison and his trippy series, The Invisibles.  So, I’m limited to talking about one of my own personal prophets, Bill Hicks.  While it’s not necessarily a positive story about drugs, Wild Children is certainly an alternative drug story (abuse or otherwise).

Wild Children has a kind of spike your coffee (not the Kool-Aid) kind of, Hunter S. Thompson approach to forced exploration of both the medium as a message and as an outlet for ideas and art.  Wild Children triples back on itself several times, blending the realities of the reader and the police authorities/viewer in the book.  Wild Children is well-crafted and adventurous – maybe a little too adventurous in the way that many drug-referencing arts can be – it might scare away the readers that most need to read it.  But the skill by which it was crafted keeps it vital to a larger audience.  The only thing that I think might be missing from the book was a Breakfast Club/David Bowie’s Changes quote.  So, I’m here to give it to you, followed up by some Bill Hicks sanity:

And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations
They’re quite aware of what they’re going through

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