William Satterwhite: The World’s Greatest Superhero Webcomic Interview

William Satterwhite of Stealth

William Satterwhite of Stealth

I came across Stealth, a webcomic, many years ago while searching around for Black super hero comics. Its creator is a super creative guy by the name of William Satterwhite. Will can discuss anything from the minutiae of the third day at the battle of Gettysburg to who should start at shortstop for the Atlanta Braves. Basically, he’s a really smart dude. I always learn something talking to this guy. We chatted below for a quick minute.

Who are you? Where do you live?

My name is William Satterwhite and I am a web design consultant and artist living in beautiful Douglasville, Georgia, just west of Atlanta. I’m a military brat born in Frankfurt, (West) Germany and have lived all over but most of my life has been spent in the suburbs of Atlanta.

Growing up, did you want to always be an artist?

Either an artist or Speaker of the House of Representatives, those were my main childhood goals. I guess you could say I had a very diverse set of interests.

Ha, ha. Politics and art. You would’ve been good during the Renaissance. So, what drew you to art over a career as a politician?

I like to think of myself as a Renaissance Man.  I pretty much just fell into it during college. I had always done my  little comics in middle and high school but finally got around to putting together what was supposed to be a formal submission, this is what actually ended up becoming the beginning of the Stealth webcomic. I never got around to sending off because I was never quite satisfied with everything but eventually I discovered the old Blacks in Comics egroup where I saw two guys (Jimmie Westley and Jamar Logan) were actually publishing their own comics online. I took the submission, fleshed it out some more and taught myself how to put a website together and put my own comic up, I got some positive feedback and so decided to stick with it as much as possible.

So how did you come up with the concept for Stealth? And how has it evolved over the years?

Stealth started off simply as basically my take on the idea of a teen hero/vigilante coming up in the late 90′s and now the 2000′s (time flies when you’re having fun- I was pretty much a kid myself when it started, I’m going into my mid-30′s now). As I mentioned earlier, the original story was done while I was in college back in 1998 or 99 and it was very much influenced by what I was influenced by at the time- stuff like those WB teen shows and old comics, a healthy balance of humor and seriousness where one doesn’t outweigh the other along with the feel of a soap opera at times. As I grew older it took a bit of a darker tone with some of the humor lost, I took myself way too seriously for a while there and looking back I’m not as fond of the mid-2000′s stuff. I would say the comic has come back full circle and the stuff I’m doing now is what I wish I had stuck with all along- a straight superhero comic that isn’t afraid to be just that.

I understand you’re putting together a graphic novel version of Stealth, and have assembled a nice little team. Tell us about that.

Yes, the Stealth OGN is going to be a Year One type definitive treatment of the hero’s origin. Back when the comic first started I pretty much began the story with everything all set up and just a little flashback to give the backstory of how Allen White actually becomes Stealth, now I’ve enlisted the help of the amazing (2012 Glyph comics Award nominated) writer Robert Jeffrey to help bring this story to life, his first draft for the story is simply outstanding and this is definitely going to be a treat to anyone who loves a good story. Jamar Logan is providing art for the first chapter and we have some other great artists lined up as well. We are conducting a Indiegogo fundraising campaign for a the book and a related trading card set right now, anyone interested should definitely check it out at http://www.indiegogo.com/stealth, any and all help is surely appreciated.

You’ve been on the indie comics scene for a long time. What advice would you give a young creator on how to get their stories out there?

Not to steal Nike’s slogan but just do it- stop worrying about this or that and trying to be perfect and just do whatever it takes to get your product out there- no matter what, someone somewhere is going to have a problem with whatever you do so don’t worry about trying to please everyone. And one thing I’d like to say especially to the (non-writing) artists out there, I see a lot of folks out here with loads of talent who just seem to spend all of their time doing pinups (of corporate, mainstream characters of course) and the main thing I’d like to tell them is to stop doing that and find one of the vast multitudes of talented writers who are out there struggling to find artists to bring life to their stories. Reach out, collaborate and bring all of these stories to life.

Awesome advice. Lastly, where can your fans contact you?

For anything Stealth-related, the best place is just through a comment on the website, that way it can be available for all fans to see and comment if they like. There is also the official Stealth Facebook fanpage at http://www.facebook.com/Stealthcomic. I can be reached via email at william at williamsatterwhite dot info, on twitter at @w_satterwhite and my personal Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/williamsatterwhite.

Great. Thanks for your time Will.

Thanks for the opportunity Andre!

Andre Owens has been hiding in Los Angeles for over 15 years, a former Director of Photography, he now writes and publishes the cosmic comic, Force Galaxia. He is currently writing and plans to produce a webseries, The Psychedelic Detective. In his free time he enjoys long form television, sushi and a celebration of all things 420. His name’s not Supergreen!

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  1. ANBU Sai
    Posted May 8, 2013 at 3:12 pm | Permalink

    - Luke Cage – ex-con says “yes sir!” to blonde hair blue eyed Iron Fist/Danny Rand
    - Cloak and Dagger? – drug with strange speech unless saved by blonde blue eyed Dagger
    - Black Captain America – says “yes sir!” to blonde blue eyed Captain America/Steve Rogers
    - Falcon – says “yes sir!” to blonde blue eyed Captain America/Steve Rogers

    - Sunspot/Robbie DaCosta – melanin angry man says “yes sir!” by long flowing white hair Gideon
    - Sunspot/Robbie DaCosta – melanin angry man says “yes maam!” to blonde blue eyed leader Illyanna Rasputen

    - Storm – straight white hair blue eyed small nose theif until saved by the white X-men
    - Maggot – straight white hair and sunglasses, can turn skin blue if that ‘s still too black

    - Bishop – angry killing black man being saved by the white X-men
    - Robbie of Daily Bugle – white haired negro says “yes sir!” to J Jonah Jamenson
    - Robbie of Daily Bugle’s son – white blonde blue eyed girlfriend
    - the black computer wiz kid of Runaways… SURPRISE! HE’S A BAD GUY! written out of series

    – Black Iron Man – Keep the mask on, nigga and say “yes sir!” to the white man

    - Tombstone – di bleacha teacha
    - Black Panther – keep the mask on nigga!
    - Prowl – keep the mask on nigga!
    - the New Warriors nigga – keep the mask on nigga!

    - Deathlok – zombie white skin with no nosejob or lips and white hair… and half cyborg face if that’s even too black
    - Deadpool – “battle rapping” zombie with no skin, nose or lips… and keep the mask on, nigga, if that’s still too

    - SPAWN (IMAGE) – zombie with no skin, nose or lips and green eyes… and keep the mask on, nigga, if that’s still too


    - 12 different Supermen (dog, girl, woman, boy, etc.) none have masks… except the nigga
    - Milestone? look up Alonzo Washington… and get outta town before sundown, niggas

    - Kingpin and Harvey Dent villains can be niggas in the movies

    - Sync – just focus on the rainbow, nigga
    - M – talks funny and zones out with that nice straight hair
    - that force field X-Men doctor – keep the force field on, nigga!
    - some Stevie X-Men NPC doctor – nice orange hair, nigga!

    - Firestorm – if he’s always in flames and the melenin can look like shadows, let that nigga suffer peacefully
    - can’t speak on black Green Lantern, Green Lantern is just gay in general and don’t know much about it

    - Gateway – nice savage tribeal nigga… don’t let him speak at all
    - Marvel’s Ancient Egypt – all white pharoah’s (black education started after slavery, niggas)
    - Blade – scary bloodlust nigga

    - nice white girl wifey, Luke Cage!

    read manga instead (at least they can say they just don’t know, ask the OG’s, they been on this for years and Marvel

    just don’t give a shit about compliaining niggas), trust, or if you wanna support your own, visit

    http://blacksuperhero.com forums and support the independants

  2. Uchiha Sasuke
    Posted October 11, 2013 at 4:34 am | Permalink

    Previously stated before…

    of the 12 Supermen (Superman, boy, girl, dog, bizarro, etc.), ONLY ONE has a fully body costume including eyes covered up. Who? The black Superman.

    just realized a new one. There’s like 5 Supergirls. The main blonde/blue eyes Supergirl, and 4 more who are like Superman’s daughters from the future or something.

    Of all 5 Supergirls, ONLY ONE of them have a full body costume (including eyes covered up). Which one has a full body costume? Who? The black Supergirl.’

    fuck this sh*t.

    Search Youtube for “JA Cosplayaz”. Support manga instead.

  3. Posted October 11, 2013 at 4:38 am | Permalink

    on top of that, Luke Cage and his masta blonde/blue eyed Iron Fist, were called Heroes for Hire. brought to my attention by http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqfigC04YbM , he would only be a hero if you paid him because he was a nigga. Nobody needed to pay Superman, nobody needed to pay Hulk, but yeah, teach the children niggas will only save the day if you pay them.

    - depicts Adam, representative of the first man with blonde hair when Leviticus 13:3 states the Israelites out of Egypt had black hair
    – depicts Warren Worrthington III aka Angel with a halo and feather wings, with blonde hair and blue eyes when Leviticus 13:3 states the Israelites out of Egypt had black hair

    - Sunspot/Robbie DaCosta – melanin angry man says “yes maam!” to blonde blue eyed leader Illyanna Rasputen

    - Marvel’s Ancient Egypt – the sphinx is a time travelling space ship with a white man as Pharoah (Lord knows we can’t teach the children the black man had mathmatics, astrology, art, written language, in 3000 BC instead of only recieving education and civillized society from master after slavery ended)… shiet, if Africa grew un-interupted, they’d probably be one of the most crime free, polite, paper walled, technologically advanced coutries like Asia (the only continent that never been colonized by the white man)

    can’t forget about our brown (as in indian/pakistani) friends
    – in like 2005 or something, the FIRST EVER brown character in a western comic i ever seen. a female evil scientist… REPRESENT FOR THE BROWN FEMALES!… um… oh, she makes a joke about being ugly. yeah, great job teaching the children only blonde is beautiful. Marvel, DC.

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