3-Page Previews: Harbinger Wars #1

Harbinger Wars #1

Harbinger Wars #1

Valiant is proud to announce that superstar artist Clayton Crain (X-Force, Carnage) is joining Joshua Dysart, Duane Swierczynski, and Clayton Henry for Harbinger Wars #1 (of 4) – the FIRST ISSUE of Valiant’s first family crossover! Arriving in stores on April 3rd, Harbinger Wars #1 is the can’t-miss first chapter of the event that will pit Bloodshot and Harbinger against a new generation of superhuman – and each other.

Harbinger Wars #1

Harbinger Wars #1

“Clayton Crain is a phenomenal talent and we’re extraordinarily happy to have him joining Valiant for Harbinger Wars #1,” said Valiant Executive Editor Warren Simons.  ”He will be handling a pivotal sequence introducing Generation Zero, the strike force controlled by Project Rising Spirit that inadvertently sets the Harbinger Wars in motion.”

Harbinger Wars #1

Harbinger Wars #1

Interior art by Clayton Crain

For decades, Toyo Harada’s Harbinger Foundation and the government’s own Project Rising Spirit have been waging a secret war over the rarest resource known to man – the unruly superhuman telekinetics known as Harbingers. Over the years, they’ve each collected a small army of these empowered children to inflict their agendas on the world. But now, the reformed Harbinger hunter known as Bloodshot needs to atone for his crimes – and he’s going to start by releasing two dozen of the most volatile Harbingers from their PRS prison and into the world.

Bloodshot wants to lead them. Toyo Harada wants to control them. And Peter Stancheck, a teenage renegade with immense powers of his own, wants to give them free rein. But the runaway children of PRS have their own ideas for the future…and, as the body count rises, the Valiant Universe will realize that power this immense cannot be contained. It must be exercised. Who will survive the Harbinger Wars?

Harbinger Wars #1

Harbinger Wars #1

Interior pencils by Clayton Henry

A 12-issue crossover event from an all-star cast of visionary talent, the defining Valiant Universe storyline of the year begins in Harbinger Wars #1 (of 4). Then the action continues with all-new jumping-on points in Harbinger #11 and Bloodshot #10 – the first issues of new standalone, four-issue story arcs chronicling the fallout of the Valiant Universe’s first full-scale superhuman conflict. Spanning 12 issues total, follow the story independently in Harbinger Wars, Harbinger or Bloodshot, or read them all to experience the full scope and intensity of the Harbinger Wars saga!

It all begins on April 3rd in Harbinger Wars #1 (of 4) – written by Joshua Dysart and Duane Swierczynski with art by Clayton Henry and Clayton Crain!





Cover by LEWIS LAROSA (FEB131152)

Pullbox Exclusive Variant by CLAYTON HENRY (FEB131153)

Variant Cover by CLAYTON CRAIN (FEB131154)

Variant Cover by PATRICK ZIRCHER (FEB131152)

$3.99/T+/32 pgs.

ON SALE – 4/3/13 (FOC – 3/11/13)




Art & Cover by CLAYTON HENRY (MAR131316)

Pullbox Exclusive Variant by LEWIS LAROSA (MAR131317)

Variant Cover by CLAYTON CRAIN (MAR131318)

Variant Cover by STEPHANE PERGER (MAR131319)

$3.99/T+/32 pgs.

ON SALE – 5/1/13 (FOC – 4/8/13)

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