3-Page Previews: Myth

Myth cover

Myth cover

MYTH tells the story of a neglected boy who befriends a solitary giant in the nearby woods. Together they battle vile grownups and ancient evil while trying to find their place in the world. At its core, Myth is about a boy who has had has childhood ripped from him, and he’s going to fight to get it back.

After Myth’s free preview on March 13, 2013, all sales of this first issue will be donated directly to childhelp.org to help in their fight against child abuse and neglect. With your purchase of Myth from comixology.com, the money will go directly to Childhelp to aide victims of child abuse and neglect. To find out more about this amazing organization and ways you can contribute outside of our story, please visit their website at childhelp.org.

Myth page 03

Myth page 03

Our main character, Sam, has had it rough. The boy was abandoned as an infant and has been in and out of abusive homes ever since. The Morrison Orphanage is his latest stop and Old Lady Morrison just might be the most vile grownup he has ever encountered. Sam’s latest escape attempt was cut short by one of her ape-like workers and we will soon find out just how cruel Morrison can be.

Myth page 04

Myth page 04

One thing we learn from Sam right away is that he’s a fighter. He has come to the conclusion that there are no heroes, that grownups are no good and would never rescue him from the awfulness of his life. If he needs saving, he’s just going to have to do it himself.

Myth page 05

Myth page 05

Sam’s very cynical of the adult world, and who could blame him? So, he takes off to the last place any grownups in Dogwood would dare to venture. He has heard all the scary stories, but he’s crossing into a realm where those stories are real.

MYTH will be released on 3/13/13. You can get your free copy at comixology.com <http://www.comixology.com/> . Following the free preview, any purchase of the issue will go directly to childhelp.org <http://www.childhelp.org/> for their fight against child abuse and neglect. Terrible things happen to children every day. Sometimes, no one comes to help them. But just like Sam says in our story, “Maybe we can”.

Myth is published by Alterna Comics and was written by Mike Loniewski with art by Dan Lauer and letters by E.T. Dollman.

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Myth Teaser Trailer

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