3-Page Previews: Stoner Joe The Bunny

Stoner Joe issue #1 cover

Stoner Joe issue #1 cover

Each Issue of the Series “Stoner Joe the Bunny” opens up focusing on the central theme of the series by showing the various also humorous ways in which Joe transforms into “Stoner Joe” the reason for all of his crazy adventures.

Stoner Joe The Bunny page 01

Stoner Joe The Bunny page 01

In this first page, Stoner Joe, Mr. Spleen, and the Nameless Character are lost in the middle of the freezing arctic forest with nothing the smoke. So giving it some thought, Joe pulls off an icicle from the tree and begins to shape it into a pipe. Realizing its way to hard to do that he throws it away, gives up and eats the pot.

Stoner Joe The Bunny page 02

Stoner Joe The Bunny page 02

In the opening page of this story featured in Issue #1 entitled “Stoner Joe the Bunny Presents National Lampoon’s Sticky Icky Icky Vacation” we can See Stoner Joe happily packing for a vacation he’s about to embark on. Little does he know what is waiting for him at his destination.

Stoner Joe The Bunny page 03

Stoner Joe The Bunny page 03

Without giving away to much of the plot, we can see here the character of Mr. Spleen, Who is a talking, walking, breathing, and intellectual human Spleen, who in this story can be referred to as Dr. Spleen. On this page we can see Dr. Spleen Going to great lengths to help out another person, AKA Stoner Joe.

You can buy the first issue of Stoner Joe The Bunny series and future issues on Amazon.

Learn more about Stoner Joe the Bunny’s creator, Chris Blue here and on Facebook.

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    This looks hilarious!

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