3-Page Previews: Wolves of Summer chapter one: Stones

Wolves of Summer #1 cover

Wolves of Summer #1 cover

April, 1945. As Nazi Germany descends into chaos and desperation, packs of Hitler Youth wage a secret war from behind enemy lines. Indoctrinated in vicious ideology since birth, and trained to kill by madmen, this guerilla terrorist squad would proudly choose death over surrender, if death meant pleasing the Führer.   They are called WEREWOLVES. Their specialty: sabotage. Their motto: “Hate is our prayer, revenge our battle cry!”

Wolves of Summer tells the story of one such band of Werewolves, and of the lone survivor, navigating a path to redemption from his villainous past. The first issue of this six issue miniseries is being released digitally by Alterna Comics. It will be available 3/20/13 on Comixology.

Wolves of Summer #1 page 20

Wolves of Summer #1 page 20

Deep in the Harz Mountains, Germany, 1945. Just after a failed raid decimated most of their squad, these surviving Werewolves scramble to reach their Rendezvous Point. Though technically, there wouldn’t be literal wolves in this region at this time, I enjoy the symbolism of the wolf, hidden, waiting, silently observing the boys. For more info about the art of Andrew Herbst, visit his portfolio here.

Wolves of Summer #1 page 9

Wolves of Summer #1 page 9

Here’s where we meet the boys, unmasked. Hans Krüger, the one doing all the talking, is the oldest, at 13. At this point in history, as the Allies were occupying more and more of Germany, the concept of revenge was prevalent in Nazi propaganda. I imagine Hans on the way to the RV Point, practicing is speech over and over in his head. He is absolutely trying to emulate the stances and attitudes of the brutal commanders he trained under.  Unlike Hans, Wolves of Summer does care about being liked. Come like us on facebook here.

Wolves of Summer #1 page 7

Wolves of Summer #1 page 7

I chose this page because it calls back to Page 7. Here we meet Johnny Summer. He’s the sole survivor of the Werewolf squad. His story, his quest to redeem himself, plays out parallel to the boys’ descent into darkness. For an extended preview, and more about the book, please visit  WolvesOfSummer.com.

Wolves of Summer Chapter One: Stones is available 3/20/13 on Comixology.  Digitally distributed by Alterna Comics.

Find @WolvesOfSummer on Twitter  here.

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Wolves of Summer
Chapter One: Stones
Story by: Tony Keaton
Art by: Andrew Herbst

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