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We’ve all thought about it. How great would it be to have our own book picked up by Vertigo?

Now, as DC ends its Vertigo line and pulls it’s characters back into the world of spandex, a void opens that can only be filled by YOUR exciting, different, thoughtful and original characters. NOW is the time to be in Indie Comics Magazine.

Indie Comic Magazine #7 is looking for your 8-page, done-in-one story.

Anything goes and we love a variety of styles and genres!

- Tom Kelly (DC’s Zuda) returns with a gaming/mixed martial arts mashup!

- Don McMillan‘s bullied school kid deals with his antagonists!

- Marta Tanrikulu sends us to court with a mystery of murder!

- Kim Mey-Loehng tells us how he was fired on his 40th birthday!

- Terry Cronin takes us from tattoo parlors to Greenland’s Inuits in two (count ‘em!) super short stories!

Our indie street cred this month is boosted by a cover from Donna Barr, whose career kicked in with The Dreamery in Eclipse Comics, circa 1986. Donna is one of the lasting authors of the 1980′s black-and-whites comic boom, today a pioneer of self- and print-on-demand publishing.

We’re filling up, submit NOW! Our creator buy-in process is explained at http://www.aazurn.com/ICM.html. Please read through the submission criteria carefully.

I have bought expensive print ads in publications and felt like I was burning money. Indie Comics Magazine offers contributors EIGHT FULL STORY PAGES to entertain and sell to customers in a format they are used to: comic book story pages!

Drop dead deadline is March 22 so we can pull our info together for Diamond. Sooner is better to claim your spot! Since you can submit reprints, you may already have a great 8 page, self contained story to use in Indie Comics Magazine #7.

For years, indie creators have wondered if there wasn’t some way to inexpensively expand their customer base. That’s exactly what Indie Comics Magazine, and Aazurn Indie Comics, is here for!

The web site: http://indiecomicsmagazine.com/

Submissions details: http://www.aazurn.com/ICM.html

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