Abe Sapien #2 Review




After the pallid first issue, Abe Sapien #2, seems to be finding its footing. One wonders if issue #1 was even necessary, but perhaps, as the series progresses, some light will be shed, and all will be made clear.

What is very clear, as of this current issue, is that religion is going to play a major role in the story. Good versus evil, and in particular, good embracing what could be construed as evil, seems to be the theme that Mignola and Allie intend on exploring. Overdone, you ask? Perhaps, but it seems appropriate considering Abe’s current evolutionary state.

He’s been reborn, and is exploring questions about his current self, as well as his past, and ultimately, his future. Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? Abe has awakened as a stranger in a strange land. He is essentially all alone, what with nearly all his old friends gone. And lost, as he doesn’t even recognize himself in the mirror. Enter—Father Henry.

Henry is a small town preacher holding sermons for a town shattered by the emergence of the monsters ravaging the earth. The population is becoming infected by their proximity to the monsters, and as a result, are themselves turning into monsters. Abe, on a mission for B.P.R.D., stumbles across the church run by Father Henry. Henry, mistakingly thinking that Abe is one of many that have turned into a monster, befriends him with the intent of saving him.

What seems inevitable is that Father Henry is going to help Abe explore his existence, helping him answer some of those aforementioned questions. Father Henry has embraced the monsters as the work of God, and Abe knows they’re anything but! This is such a great dynamic, as we will undoubtedly be privy to the exploration of themes such as good vs. evil, and man vs. monster, only juxtaposed.

In my review of the first issue, I was worried that Abe was headed to the realm of mediocrity. With the second issue, like his best friend, Hellboy before him, it is a certainty that Abe is on a journey of self-discovery that promises to be anything but mediocre.


Abe Sapien #2 Review

By: Jared W Lindenberg

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