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Bo Plushy Gangsta

Bo Plushy Gangsta


Action Lab Entertainment
Canonsburg, PA

Action Lab continues expansion with digital debuts in October!

October 21, 2013

Action Lab Entertainment, which recently added the mature readers line Danger Zone, to its Eisner-nominated and ever-growing catalog, continues to grow its well-received creator-owned offerings with brand new titles debuting digitally and in new formats this fall.

Released in conjunction with ComiXology at NYCC, the publisher debuted two new titles, and new installments, in the digital provider’s revolutionary new guided view technology. Guided view gives readers the ability to experience comic books in a seamless new format on screens and devices in a more immersive cinematic style.  And now, Action Lab follows that up with more new titles debuting exclusively in digital formats, from multiple applications, each week this October!

Here’s the line-up and schedule for our exciting new DIGITAL DEBUTS:


MOLLY DANGER: Comics legend JAMAL IGLE’S MOLLY DANGER is already one of the hottest books to hit stores this year, and now the story continues in the  DIGITALLY-EXCLUSIVE GUIDED VIEW format!  Whether it’s read in the luscious over-sized graphic album format, or the amazing digital reconfiguration, MOLLY DANGER is all-ages high adventure with a story and art that adult fans will enjoy and bring fun and excitement back to the superhero genre with a totally fresh take on the genre!

VAMPLETS: Quite possibly the cutest little undead ever, GAYLE MIDDLETON’S VAMPLETS has been one of the hottest new properties here at ACTION LAB and now this cartoon gothic tale from the designer of My Little Ponies continues in its DIGITALLY EXCLUSIVE GUIDED VIEW format on COMIXOLOGY! See what all the EXCITEMENT is about as a young woman finds out her new babysitting job might be more than she can handle!

BO PLUSHY GANGSTA: What if Teddy Ruxpin listened to NWA!? The outrageous and hysterical BO PLUSHY GANGSTA from ACTION LAB’S Mature Readers line DANGER ZONE and Russian video game artist PAVEL BALABANOV answer that question, and put the baddest man on the streets into the body of a teddy bear! Bo’s outlandish street-level exploits are available EXCLUSIVELY as a DIGITAL DEBUT, in Guided View format, before they hits print this January!

ITTY BITTY BUNNIES IN RAINBOW PIXIE CANDY LAND: More irreverent humor from ACTION LAB: DANGER ZONE, DEAN RANKINE’S (Bongo Comics, Mad Australia) ITTY BITTY BUNNIES will appeal to fans of HAPPY TREE FRIENDS and REN AND STIMPY, and the crazy antics of these butt-naked drug-tripping cartoon critters will be available EXCLUSIVELY in Guided View digital format before they hit print in 2014!


ZOMBIE TRAMP: She’s got the looks, now she wants the BRAAAAAIIINS!, The cult hit cartoon grind-house comic series ZOMBIE TRAMP by DAN MENDOZA, has found a new home at ACTION LAB: DANGER ZONE. Now you can get to know The Street-walking Dead in this new volume via digital outlets before the sequel series hits stores later this month!

CRIMSON SOCIETY: In a world where the children of the night and mankind live together in a fragile peace, one young werewolf wants nothing more than to be just a man… MIKE HUNAU’S CRIMSON SOCIETY joins the DIGITAL DEBUTS beginning with a new zero issue only available from ACTION LAB: DANGER ZONE in digital first format, just in time for Halloween!

SCUM OF THE EARTH: Finally, the sci-fi grindhouse extravaganza SCUM OF THE EARTH by MARK BERTOLINI and ROB CROONENBORGHS rears its alien-stompin’, ass-kickin’ head as another amazing DIGITAL DEBUT entry from ACTION LAB: DANGER ZONE before it hits the stands!

“We are proud that Action Lab is on the cutting edge of digital comic book technology,” says Action Lab president Kevin Freeman.  “These titles all lend themselves perfectly to the digital format, and the Guided View books are nothing short of spectacular.  Our readers are going to absolutely love these books.”

Danger Zone Publisher Jason Martin adds, “While Action Lab remains firmly committed to print comics, offering material digitally, and in new formats, gives us the opportunity to push the envelope even more with our content and offer even more exciting titles from rising global talent! I can tell you, as a creator also myself, Guided View is exactly the evolution of comics from printed page to digital screens that completely works and takes the medium to the next level, without being gimmicky or insulting to the language of the art form. We’re absolutely ecstatic to utilize these new digital formats to better showcase some of the eye-popping comics coming your way from our line!”

All of these amazing new titles will be in addition to our complete library of titles being offered via all major digital providers, including; ComiXology, Comics Plus, Diamond Digital, and And of course in addition to print titles in comic book retail outlets and bookstores via Diamond Distribution.


Action Lab was founded in 2010, and received two Eisner nominations in 2012 for its critically-acclaimed all-ages comic Princeless. The publisher has been praised for its diverse library of creator-owned and licensed titles including; Skyward, Ehmm Theory, Pirate Eye and works like the brand new Molly Danger and Vamplets. Action Lab: Danger Zone is the mature readers line from Action Lab entertainment, that features a full range of genre defying creator-owned material.
Be sure to visit the Action Lab website for more information on all of their titles, or for information on the new Digital First offerings.

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