B.P.R.D.: Hell On Earth #107 Review



B.P.R.D.: Hell On Earth – Wasteland part 1, is the latest installment in the ever increasingly unimaginative, mundane, and downright boring adventures of the once great B.P.R.D.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been some glimpses of greatness in Hell On Earth, the most notable of which being The Long Death and A Cold Day In Hell, but overall the quality has dropped considerably, both in its writing and art. Each month we are subjected to the very same plot. An agent, or agents, are fending off monsters roaming the earth uninhibited. Which, in and of itself, isn’t bad, but that’s all there is—nothing happens! Issue after issue, nothing happens.

That being said, based on the look of Laurence Campbell’s art, there does appear to be hope for Wasteland. Artistically anyway. Frankly, Campbell’s art is the first aesthetically suitable for the series since Hell On Earth began. The only exception being James Harren’s visceral monster mash-up in The Long Death.  A fan fav not simply because it fulfilled every conceivable expectation fans have been looking for in a monster throw down, but it was also great storytelling, which gave us something of consequence—Daimio’s Jaguar, and the Daryl’s Wendigo story-lines coming to an amazing, and completely fulfilling conclusion.

Hell On Earth, so far, lacks anything of consequence, and there in lies its greatest flaw.

Wasteland’s plot feels like the latest episode of The Walking Dead. Sorry to say, that’s not a compliment, folks! Despite what you might think about the Walking Dead, there simply is no comparison to B.P.R.D.’s heyday. Simply put—everything the original run of B.P.R.D. cranked out on their worst day, was so far beyond anything The Walking Dead comic dishes out on their best day.

Not since Hollow Earth and The Soul Of Venice has B.P.R.D. seemed so lost and aimlessly trying to find its footing. How I yearn for the dramatically horrifying days of team Mignola, Arcudi, & Davis, who had apparently captured lightning in a bottle. I remember when, even lacking its cornerstone, Hellboy, B.P.R.D. was hands down the best ongoing series on the market, bar none!  From Plague Frogs to King Of Fear, readers were treated to some of the most gripping, fantastical storytelling in comics, with some of the most gruesome and original monsters anyone ever imagined.

So, I await the next issue of B.P.R.D., once my favorite series, filled with hope for a return to those glory days.


B.P.R.D. : Hell On Earth #107 REVIEW

by Jared W Lindenberg

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