Cage Fighting, Mystical Tattoos and the Monstrous Tupilak in Indie Comics Magazine #7!

Indie Comics Magazine #7!

Indie Comics Magazine #7!

Official Press Release

Tom Kelly’s cage fighting “Masher” crushes skulls, and Terry Cronin brings two tales of the unusual to the new issue of Indie Comics Magazine! Kelly and Cronin join six other creators for nine complete stories!

Order in August’s Previews, Diamond’s comic book order catalog, under Aazurn Publishing.

As you long-time fans know, we’re in our third year for this anthology. Few thought we’d make it this far, an indie book exclusive to Diamond, but our complete stories, variety and quality have won us readers that normally wouldn’t buy an independent comic book! Thank you all for telling your friends!

Tom Kelly’s Masher, a new blood and guts web comic about life in the cage, is launching soon, and this Indie Comics Magazine story is a first look. Tom is nationally known for his work on DC’s comic book website ZUDA.

Tom’s style is a breathtaking combination of excellent drawing and design expertise. You can tell he’s illustrated for magazines and bands. Every page has a skill level that’s wonderful to behold!

Terry Cronin is a creator of Students of the Unusual and the author of The Skinvestigator novels featuring dermatologist detective Harry Poe. His Nikook and the Tupilak story in Indie Comics Magazine #7 builds on Inuit mythology. He then switches gears to another tale — a couple caught in a strange, mystical ritual.

Terry is a filmmaker, and it shows in his writing. His tales are tight, cohesive, and full of strange adventure. I just love it when a new Cronin story pops up in my email!

Our video previews are becoming popular, and we’ve launched a new one for Indie Comics Magazine #7 at Indie Comics I actually composed and recorded the music for this one myself — but I promise your ears won’t bleed! (Warning, your dog may howl.)

We have no huge overprint, no digital version and no back issue sales here, so Indie Comics Magazine #7 is available ONLY at your local and online comic book shops! We feature a few major online retailers on our website, if you don’t have a neighborhood comic shop. It is best to order from August’s Previews, because some Indie Comics Magazine issues are now hard to find!

Enjoy the video preview, more news to come this month! Keep it done-in-one, keep it interesting — keep it indie!

Gary Scott Beatty, head honcho here at Indie Comics Magazine

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