Creator Owned Identity Comics Kicks Off with Their First Fan Influenced Title. Meet Them on the “Verge”!

Identity Comics - Verge - Press Release

Identity Comics – Verge – Press Release

Official Press Release

LOS ANGELES – Lars Canty and Phillip Kelly, founders of Identity Comics, get rolling with their first exciting anthology of original stories in their inaugural comic, Verge…with a little help from their fans.

Lars Canty is an artist and writer. He worked at Malibu Comics and Marvel back in the 90′s as a colorist on titles like X-Men, The Avengers , and many others. He’s spent the last several years marketing and designing graphics for motion picture campaigns. Phillip is a professional screenwriter, a student of everything from live theatre to literature to film. They’ve shared an equal passion for the comic book medium since their youth, and their desire to bring their experiences together, led to forming Identity Comics.

Identity Comics is creator owned and created, with a twist. Using the interaction of the online world, readers will be able to influence the direction of the stories. Phillip explains, “The immediacy of facebook and other online community sites thrills us. To that end, we’re putting a system in place that will allow our readers’ feedback to influence what happens next. It’ll keep our audience involved in a way they aren’t allowed to be in other arenas, and keep us on our toes,” though he adds, “Be careful what you wish for! You may inspire something you aren’t expecting.”

Lars says their first endeavor, Verge, “Will showcase different stories and art from different talent across the country. We will be featuring exciting stories ranging from science fiction to classic comic superhero tales. There will be something to attract every fan of every genre!” Phillip adds, “Several of the stories will mix genres in incredibly idiosyncratic ways.” The first issue of Verge will contain four such stories:

Concrete Shoes

Concrete Shoes

“Concrete Shoes” is a film noir, cyberpunk, gothic horror hybrid that takes place in 2056, when a deceased bulldozer of an ex-mafia member forces himself back to life to protect his son, he comes back partly covered in concrete. It’s going to be a violent ride, psychologically and physically painful for the heroes.

El Fantasmo Promo art

El Fantasmo Promo art

“El Fantasmo” is a true serial in which a boy from Columbia escapes the disease ridden and fanatical village he grew up in to become a lucha libre style hero to the people.

Girl Made of Ice

Girl Made of Ice

“The Girl Made of Ice” is a science fiction, adventure, horror story that takes place in a slightly altered Los Angeles. It begins with a 13-year-old inadvertently setting free the worst war criminals and sociopaths the Universe has to offer.

The Sheet - mock cover

The Sheet – mock cover

“The Sheet” is a satire-parody of some of the worst and best comics out there today. It stars a living, breathing, thinking bed sheet.

As with many creative endeavors, they are currently running a kickstarter campaign to help build awareness and initial funding for Verge #1, the campaign runs until September 14th, 2013.  To help fund this endeavor go to their kickstarter page and spread the word!

If all goes well, Verge #1  will hit and some local comic stores around Los Angeles sometime in November.

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