Demigods #1 is Post-Apocalyptic Dirty Dozen

Demigods™ #1

Demigods™ #1

Demigods proves that there are indeed alternatives out there in the wild world of comics – the world doesn’t need the X-Men any longer. Imagine, just for a second that it is possible to have that same wonderful feeling again, discovering Wolverine and Storm and Nightcrawler and even the original Thunderbird for the first time. That feeling of something new and unique, something that had a future, that had unpredictable stories – that’s indie comics – in this case that’s Demigods.

Demigods is a motley crew of four kids trained by a malicious organization to use their powers in a post-apocalyptic world.  The basic idea is archetypical and there are dozens of examples in other mediums including the Dirty Dozen, the A-Team, the Avengers, etc.  Because it’s kids with super-powers, the most obvious parallel is the X-Men.  But the X-Men are all grown up now and it is only through secondary characters that there is any youth.  The X-Men probably resonates more with the forty year olds they grew up with than they do kids.  With Demigods, they should resonate both with the middle-aged that grew up loving the X-Men but also with the kids that re hopefully the future of comics.

Demigods also has an interesting and unique story.  Set in a near future with super-powered beings and a desolate world, it is reminiscent of Days of Future Past but with this story, it’s hard to say where it will go.  Demigods starts with the protagonists still in their school, being trained for the world that awaits them.  But through disastrous jailbreak, they are led to a hideaway where only more difficult tragedies await them.  While the story moves a little fast, it’s certainly action packed and thus far unprecedented.

Jesse Grillo on writer and creator duties with Luigi Teruel and several others handling the role of artist put together a good read in Demigods.  All pieces are of high quality and could compete with any of the mid-majors, maybe even The Big 2.  But what makes Demigods worth buying and reading is the fact that it has a future and is not just rehashing old stories and haggard characters.

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